The students and staff of CC were fortunate enough to have an extra block break this past month, which created an additional opportunity for outdoor-lovers to get out there and play in the snow. So, what did CC students do with this added block break?

Well, two leaders—Melissa Seehausen and Benjamin Feldman—decided to spend their extra block break leading ten students on a snowshoe hut trip sponsored by the ORC. They ventured all the way to the Dancing Moose Hut in northern Colorado, which is part of the Never Summer Nordic Hut System.

The group comprised of an even mix of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors with varying levels of snowshoeing experience. “Snowshoeing is fairly easy to get the hang of, so it wasn’t a problem,” said Seehausen.

The trip filled up surprisingly quickly even before the ORC sent out an advertisement email. This is likely due to the fact that many people were unaccustomed to having a third block break before Thanksgiving and were scrambling to figure out plans.

Seehausen was more than happy to lead the trip, despite the fact that she had only gone snowshoeing once beforehand. “Personally, I love the outdoor experience and genuine connections of ORC trips, so I was happy to facilitate one so that myself and others could have such an experience,” Seehausen said.

Seehausen struggled to pin down just one favorite part of the trip: “The trippees were spectacular, our snowball fights were a good time, our hikes were pristine, the snow was untouched, and we had two moose and one big-horned sheep sightings.”

Dana Cronin

Staff Writer

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