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Megan Nicklaus, Career Center Director, talks about peanut butter, Nashville, finding work for students, Llamapalooza, and “whats next?”


Where are you from?

I am originally from Fort Wayne, Ind., but after spending almost 15 years in Nashville, I feel like a Nashvillian. I am excited to experience more of Colorado!

How did you get to CC?

By car… I arrived at Colorado College by way of Vanderbilt University. My former director used to work at CC and had such wonderful things to say, I had to explore the opportunity. After visiting, I knew this was an exciting community to become a part of. It didn’t hurt that there was rock climbing just down the road.

How do you like working here so far?

I’m really enjoying learning about and engaging with the Colorado College community both on campus and the community at large. I love hearing about the projects and theses students are working on. They are constantly introducing me to new ideas and perspectives. I can’t say enough about how welcoming staff, faculty, and students have been.

What are students having the most trouble with in terms of career development, and how is the Career Center trying to help with these problems?

CC students have very diverse interests and it can be difficult to see the connections between their coursework, volunteer, and co-curricular activities, internships, research, and the many other experiences where they are developing skills. It can also be challenging articulating what they have done and what they want to do next. The Career Center is offering programing and working with student groups, faculty, and individuals to try to help students to reflect on their experience and  think about “what’s next.”

What is a personal goal that you have to make the Career Center better?

Broadening the students’ view of how the Career Center can help them. We are here to help students develop as professionals. I want students after their time at CC to feel prepared for the transition to the next stage in their journey.

What are some opportunities the Career Center offers that you think more students should take advantage of?

Those students who don’t know what that next step looks like, I would love them to know that we are available to help them. You don’t have to be applying for an internships, job, or graduate school for us to be able to help. Starting to explore and think about your strengths and the experiences you want to have early on can reduce the feelings of being overwhelmed later. We work with first year students through seniors, wherever you are in your path. I also hope students will take advantage of the ever changing job and internship opportunities available and the ongoing programming.

What book do you recommend we read by the fire this winter to get us inspired to work hard for a good job?

“You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career”  by Katherine Brooks, ED.D

What is your favorite holiday food?

Buckeye’s. Anything peanut butter and chocolate. Feel free to drop some by the Career Center.

Are you excited for 2014??

What’s not to be excited about? I get to kick off the year with my first ever half block offering “The Modern World of Work,” see Llamapalooza, and experience my first CC graduation.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Happily retired saying,  “It’s been a wild ride, what’s next!”

Brooks Fleet

Style Editor

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