The 12 students who embarked on a Nordic ski “hut trip” third block break overcame a host of obstacles in order to eventually have a hugely successful skiing experience. “The trails we not groomed, and rentals were an absolute mess,” relayed Kayla Fratt, a sophomore trip leader.

The group dealt with the spotty snow coverage and change in plans by utilizing the Breckenridge Nordic Center. During the first day at the Center, participants learned to skate ski, one of two techniques and motions used by cross-country skiers. “We spent all [of the first] day around the Nordic center on mellow trails, playing games and doing some fun drills,” Fratt said.

“I had never tried skate skiing before, and I’m so glad I did – I loved it!” said sophomore Beverly Reynolds.

On the second day, the group focused on the classic style of skiing and found some more difficult and more remote trails.

“It started to snow, making the trail feel like clouds,” said junior trip leader Kang-Min Kim.

“It was so beautiful in the woods, and we basically had the trails to ourselves,” said Reynolds. “Getting up some of the hills was definitely a struggle sometimes, but it was totally worth it to get to ski down on the way back!”

All grade levels were represented in the group of individuals, whom sophomore Jaxon Rickel describes as “some ballin’ peeps.”

They stayed in a “hut” near Leadvilleabout a mile down the Continental Divide trail. Downtime was spent cooking, playing Bananagrams, and tending to the fire.

“I expected our hut to be a hut. It was not a hut. It was a nice log cabin with a deck and grill. The interior sported a wood stove, cozy cots, and a propane stove,” said Rickel.

“It was pretty much the best thing ever to get back after a day of skiing, walk through the beautiful, snowy woods, and be able to get warm by the wood-burning stove,” said Reynolds.

A game played on the trip involved rating the ridiculous nature of the falls individuals took on a scale of one to ten.

“I achieved a six-point-five with a tangled-ski head first dive into a snow bank. I believe our trip record was an eight,” said Rickel.

The group checked out the Vail Nordic Ski Swap on their last day, then headed back to campus, exhausted and content with the many twists and turns their trip had taken.

If you’re interested in participating in a Nordic Ski trip through the ORC yourself, check out the options for the rest of the block on SUMMIT!






Emma Longcope

Staff Writer


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