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            Rugby is the definition of a contact sport. Walking onto a field with basically no padding and the knowledge that you are possibly going to get tackled would be enough to send some people running away from the goal line. The brave members of the Colorado College’s women’s rugby team, however, love the time they spend on the field.

When asked why she joined the rugby team, junior wing Megan Masuret said, “I have always been interested in rougher sports, and I thought it would be fun to tackle. I also wanted to try a completely new sport in college because I was tired of all the pressure from the sports I played in high school.”

At CC, rugby is a club sport, and the college has both men’s and women’s teams. The women’s team is DII and competes in the DII playoffs, but due to a scarcity of DII women’s teams, the CC team plays many DI teams including CSU, CU-Boulder, Texas Tech, and UT-Austin.

Though rugby is only a club sport, these women are not any less dedicated. The players are encouraged to put school as their first priority but it is expected that they attend every practice and game unless there is an academic or employment conflict. During the season, the women’s team practices four or five times a week for around an hour and a half. Games are on either Saturday or Sunday.

“From the outside it seems like a huge time commitment, but the team is so much like a family that I usually am looking forward to the next practice or road trip,” said Masuret.

The team had about 30 members this year, bouncing back from graduating nine of their starters last year. Joining the team does not require any previous experience so many of the members were new to rugby.

“This year was all about the basics.  We were an extremely inexperienced team, and we had to start with the rules of the game and the basic skills. The new players were incredible and took to the game quickly,” said Masuret.

Sydney Provan, the team’s junior captain, led the team to a second place finish in their regional division. In a first for CC women’s program, the team qualified for the first round of national playoffs.

Though they lost at nationals against University of Nebraska, the team is still proud of what they’ve accomplished, and they are focused on improvement in future seasons.

“We graduated almost an entire starting lineup at the end of last year, and I think all returning players anticipated more of a growing year this season. That being said, we had the most returning players that we have ever had, and we had a ton of new players step on the field with more and more confidence each game. Although our record was not that impressive this year, I expect that it will only improve in the upcoming years, especially by building off the experience that we gained by qualifying for nationals,” said Masuret.

Hopefully, the CC women’s rugby program will continue to grow as student interest in rugby increases. Any female students interested in playing rugby next year can contact current team captain Provan at

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