Have you ever wanted to meet the players on the Colorado College men’s hockey team? You’re in luck! This year, the hockey team is offering two events to get to know the players, skate with them, and take pictures. The first event was held on Nov. 10 and was a blast! The CC Tigers Hockey Team gave up a valuable day off to spend time with their fans of all ages. The event, “Skate with the Tigers,” was a huge success and allowed members of the Colorado Springs community and CC hockey fans alike to come together to skate with the players, get autographs, and take pictures.

The event was held at Sertich Ice Arena, which is located in Memorial Park at the corner of Pikes Peak and Union. This indoor rink was the perfect venue in the community to hold the event due to the large size needed to accommodate the massive number of fans that came out to meet the CC hockey players.

Hockey players had a wonderful time on that chilly morning and benefitted significantly from the event. “Skate with the Tigers is a great event because it allows us the opportunity get in touch with our grassroots fans and gives us the ability to give back on our day off,” commented junior Courtney Lockwood, number 29.

Freshman Matt Hansen, number 23, went on to say, “Basically it’s good to get everyone interacting in the community and have the fans get to know the players.  These kind of events allow fans to gain a personal connection with us.”

Members of the CC Hockey community truly appreciated these players coming out to meet their children, skate with the fans, and give back. Community member Alec P. from Trinidad, CO, commented, “This event was a great opportunity to meet the players and see CC hockey off the ice. I watched many of our players tear it up on the ice the other day, and then saw them skating around with six-year- olds today. I saw players teaching kids how to stop on the ice, chasing them around, and smiling non-stop. It was great to see our team participate so actively in this event. ”

Sophomore Peter Maric, number 22, mirrored this community member’s comment in saying, “It’s always nice to see smiles on the kids’ faces. We’re having fun, they’re having fun, and everyone’s just having a great time.”

Sad that you missed out on this awesome morning? They are holding another “Skate with the Tigers” event in the spring, so be sure to look out for information regarding this fun-filled affair.



Nila Horner

Staff writer

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