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Chris Coulter, Director of Facilities Services, talks about reclaimed sewage water in the sprinklers, Thanksgiving, the Auburn-Alabama game, stolen tables, and how his spirit animal is Wolverine.


How was your thanksgiving?

It was perfect!… The break was a much needed opportunity to spend time with the family and enjoy being a part of winning the 4A state football title with the Pine Creek HS football team, not to mention the Auburn game. Wow! My wife graduated from Auburn.

Where are you from?

I grew up here in Colorado Springs.

How did you get into this line of work?

I graduated with a degree in civil engineering from Purdue, then was commissioned as an officer in the Air Force. From there, it was learn or be separated from the herd, so I put to use what I learned in school and had great opportunities to lead engineering- and construction-related projects in difficult situations.

What does the Director of Facilities do?

I have the honor and distinguished privilege to work with and amongst the most talented and gifted men and women I have ever or will ever know. The Facilities Services team here at CC routinely makes the impossible seem ordinary. The organization is home to an indescribable spirit of excellence, respect, and purpose. Each day I am inspired, challenged, and reminded how incredibly fortunate I am.

How does your job change when we have a snowstorm like the one earlier this week?

Quite simply, we are ready. The team here at the college has routinely managed these types of situations before and is poised to handle just about anything. The greatest part is the teamwork. We work very closely with Campus Safety, Residential Life, and other Facilities shops to pull together, communicate, and behave as proactively as possible handle both routine and emergency situations.

Every year during NSO, the new first years continue the rumor that the sprinkler water is reclaimed sewage. Is there any truth to this urban legend?

The turf irrigated areas are, for the most part, non-potable. Depending on the location within CSU’s [Colorado Springs Utilities] non-potable water distribution system, the source can be raw water, reclaimed water, or a blend of raw and reclaimed water. The portion of the system that treats and distributes reclaimed water or a blend of raw and reclaimed water is operated under approval by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

What is your favorite holiday song?

‘I’ve Always Loved You’ by Third Day.

How many tables get stolen by students each year?

Not sure – you would have to ask Mike Starr!

What’s the coolest event that facilities has ever put on?

It has to be our end-of-the-year awards event when we celebrate our annual award winners. It is a special time when we get to appreciate one another and what we get to do each day.

What is your spirit animal?


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