You are in the middle of the dance floor, tearing it up. “Come and Get It” by Selena Gomez is blaring through the speakers, and your heart is racing.  You’ve got a view of the mountains, and there are smiles all around. Where are you? Some luxurious party on the top floor of an illustrious hotel? Nope, even better – you’re at the El Pomar sports center in Zumba class!

Every Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday, Hana Washio, the amazing Zumba instructor, and her faithful Zumba-goers come into the gym for an hour of non-stop dance party cardio excitement. “Zumba changed my life. It’s a great way to relieve the stress of the week, plus I get to learn some sweet new dance moves,” says Brook Chambers, a first-year who loves to boogie to Bollywood beats.

Worried that you won’t like the Zumba tunes? No worries! Hana picks a great selection of music to get your heart rate up, and your feet ready to move. From Skrillex to Cheryl Cole to Fallout Boy to Bollywood, Hana’s got you covered. “Zumba is very important to me. It’s the reason I survive the block plan. It’s like dancing meets singing meets exercise – with all of your friends,” claims Spencer Spotts, a first-year who loves to get his Zumba on.

Hana works hard every week to bring a great selection of routines to her class. “The music is very upbeat, and it livens my spirits. It makes me want to dance harder!” exclaimed first-year Stephanie Bui, who enjoys a great Zumba session.

How could you not want to come to Zumba? With great music, great people, and great exercise, Zumba has it all. If you’re interested, Zumba classes are free every Sunday and Friday at 4:45 and Wednesday at 3:15 in the multipurpose room on the ground-level floor. Beginners are completely welcome and encouraged! If you’re ready for a cardio party, Zumba is the way to go.

Nila Horner, Staff Writer

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