Last week, CC’s Student Government Association allocated PlayHard Productions — CC’s student-run electronic music group — over $12,000 for their upcoming “Ice Age” event.

Photo courtesy of PlayHard productions.
Photo courtesy of PlayHard productions.

PlayHard came under scrutiny last year for similar spending practices as much of the campus community questioned if the money being spent on their events was depleting funds for Llamapalooza,  a consistently strapped-for-cash festival.

According to Alejandro Salazar, CCSGA Vice President for Finance, this grant was a little less than 10 percent of the organization’s total budget for the school year.

“This is still a significant amount of money,” Salazar said. “We wanted an event like Llamapaloza and Blues and Shoes for the first semester. Compared to the budget for those events, this is definitely less.”

Of the $12,322 budget, $4,000 will be to fund the partnership with production company PULSE Entertainment, which offers professional equipment and services for events. PlayHard will also allocate $2,500 to sound systems, light rentals and purchases, amplifiers, mixing interfaces, and other technical equipment separate from PULSE.

In addition to high-end, high-quality equipment for music and lighting, another $3,100 of the budget will cater towards creating an exciting atmosphere in mediums other than just music and lighting. Of that, $2,500 will go towards crafting a true winter wonderland, $400 for food and drinks, and $200 for marketing as a sneak-peak of the kind of event PlayHard can execute.

The other $2,700 will pay for safety and security for both students and the venue. $1,600 of that will be to hire and provide security materials for G4-S officers, while $500 is for a safety deposit, $300 for the facilities overtime, and $300 for a generator.

Salazar explained that CCSGA’s decision to give this grant to PlayHard was “a fairly quick decision among the four members of the finance committee.”

Originally, CCSGA had wanted to cut the eventual budget by $2,000, but then realized the extra investment would provide CC and PlayHard with high-quality equipment they could use in the future.

Since PlayHard’s creation in 2010, they have hosted a multitude of events including Masquerave, Candyland, Invasion, Jumanji, Things That Go Bump, and, their most popular event during which the number of attendees exceeded Cornerstone Mainspace’s maximum occupancy, Metamorphosis.

With the obvious success of Metamorphosis, it is understandable why the CCSGA has enough confidence in PlayHard to grant them such a large budget; the more students attend prior events, the more students will want to attend future events.

If the next event fails to impress, the popularity will decrease significantly.

“We are excited to partner with PULSE and excel beyond past PlayHard events,” said Chloe Banning, one of PlayHard’s leaders. “Through PULSE, we will introduce a degree of professionalism, quality and depth that has never been a part of CC student events.”

Those amenities combined with the $2,500 decorations budget, the talent of CC DJs and producers and the dedication of PlayHard to planning Ice Age will be sure to transform this year’s location into what looks and feels like EDM festivals exploding in popularity throughout the world.

“PlayHard always puts on an aesthetically pleasing performance,” said Salazar. “Kids at CC like to go out and enjoy that type of excitement.”

Elizabeth Forster, Staff Writer


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