November 5  marked the first anniversary of the passing of Amendment 64 in the state of Colorado, which permits individuals age 21 or over to posses an ounce of marijuana and grow six plants at a time on their own.

This legislation was not the first of Colorado’s revolutionary turns in American marijuana history, as the 2000 passing of Amendment 20 enabled the use of medicinal marijuana. With this, patients can purchase two ounces of the substance a day and can also furbish their own plants.

When asked about the topic, Officer Jason Newton said that he “hasn’t seen any real change. There was always a presence of it before the law, and there’s, of course, a presence after the law.”

“I’ve personally just seen the numbers go down in terms of people smoking in the dorms. I mean, it’s still happening, but hopefully it’s just people being more respectful of their community,” Newton said.

Undoubtedly, one of the most common infractions associated with marijuana on campus is smoking in the dorms.

“For one, they’re putting other people’s health at risk,” said Newton.

“On average, in any given semester, we’re looking at about 60 incidences where students are found responsible for drug or drug paraphernalia…the most common of that is marijuana,” said Cesar Cervantes, Assistant Dean of Students.

Shockingly enough, the lowest number of drug offenses in ten years was recorded in the fall semester of 2012 when Amendment 64 was passed—17 recorded cases, while the stated average is 60.

The proceeding spring semester led to 50 cases, still falling below the average.

Due to federal funding, the College must uphold the federal law over the state and local laws, meaning that even if one has a medical marijuana card, the substance is considered illicit on the campus.

“The message is not to say that we need to have a much greater response on marijuana versus alcohol,” said Cervantes.

For anyone under the age of 21 on campus, “under the law, they’re both crimes. There’s really no difference,” said Newton.

Candelaria Alcat, Staff Writer

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