The Cultural Attractions Fund serves as a source for students and members of the Colorado College community looking to host various cultural events.

“The main goal of the Cultural Attractions Fund is to provide funding or subsidies for public lectures, performances, exhibits, etc. that will give both Colorado College and the local community diverse and unique cultural offerings,” said Jermyn Davis, chair of the fund’s selection committee and a member of President Tiefenthaler’s immediate staff.

Any member of the CC community with an event idea in mind can apply for funds from the CAF. Individual grants awarded range anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to tens of thousands depending on need.

Three Colorado College administrators, a student representative appointed by CCSGA president, and a local community member review the grant application.

In their deliberation, the committee seeks proposals that show thoroughness in planning and a careful consideration of the work necessary to make their event a success. 

Committee members are also looking for collaborative potential and the ability of the event to connect Colorado College to the local community.

“This fund has allowed CC and the local community to experience offerings that would normally not be provided,” said Davis.

Last year, the CAF sponsored many events varying from “Temu Wicara Tentang Bali: A Symposium Celebrating Twenty Years of Gamelan at Colorado College” to the lecture by Dan Savage during the Queer Speaker Series.

The CAF committee accepts applications throughout the entire year.

Already this year, the committee has approved funding for various events including “Rhythm Nations: Transnational Hip Hop In the Gallery, in the Street, and on the Stage” as well as the Cornerstone Arts Week featuring Pulitzer Prize-winning Artist/Illustrator Art Spiegelman.

“This year, I hope the committee sees proposals that continue to stretch the cultural awareness and opportunities of CC and the community,” said Davis.

 Emilia Whitmer, Staff Writer

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