An administration initiative to increase attendance at last night’s halloween dance, paired with an effort to promote the safe celebration of hallows eve, offered students living at off campus houses invaluable college goods in exchange for not throwing a party.

The deal: Don’t party and we’ll give you pizza. Lots and lots of pizza.

“I would like to offer to buy your household 10 pizzas or so if you choose not to host a party on Halloween,” Cesar Cervantes, assistant dean of students, wrote in an email to several off-campus houses last week. “You might be asking yourself, ‘Is this a cheap bribe?’ Yes! Though, I prefer to think of it as a small incentive to promote our event on campus and assist in creating a safe and responsible Halloween for all.”

Cervantes told The Catalyst Thursday that the initiative was also utilized last year with a great deal of success. He added that the email was meant to encourage students to attend the Halloween VDP.

“We already weren’t throwing a party,” said Nick Brown, a senior who lives off-campus on Wahsatch Street. “The pizzas were just an added bonus.”

The dean also asked that students who do choose to throw a party do so in a safe and responsible way.

“In an effort to keep our students safe and continue to build positive relationships with our neighbors, I ask that if you plan to have an off campus party for Halloween…please be responsible,” he said. “Register your party with campus safety and please follow our recommendations for responsible hosting.”

As of Thursday, a number of houses had agreed to deal, happily accepting the many free pizzas.

“I have had at least six off campus locations take me up on the offer and they all seem to be very pleased. I also had a student stop me on my way to Rastall yesterday and ask if she and her household could still participate” Cervantes said.

Food, it turns out, is quite the motivator.

“I think we use food as an incentive for students at many of our events,” Cervantes said. “I know it’s an incentive for me! I recently attended a movie program in Loomis because of the banana splits that were being served. I’ve seen Jurassic Park more times than I care to admit, but free banana splits are a rare commodity. I think it’s also important to model and support a responsible social gathering. With these pizzas, I trust our off campus households will gather together and enjoy themselves responsibly with delicious toppings.”

Jesse Paul, Editor-in-Chief


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  1. Food, it turns out, is quite the motivator.- College is all about survival, my friends and I went to every lecture, listening to speakers from every department and supported every club as long as there was free food. 🙂 I’d do this for pizza.

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