Hello Coach Partee,

Just a quick, sincere note to congratulate you and your staff and players on your accomplishments with CC Men’s Basketball. Never have I seen a more tenacious and determined attack in the face of supposedly “superior” talent! It was clear to me that there have been few harder-playing or better-coached teams in the Marriott Center, and I have been watching Brigham Young University ball for over 40 years.

You have phenomenal players and I don’t just mean your point guard!

So your players’ next question will be: “If we’re so good, why didn’t we win?”

First, let me offer perspective: BYU is pretty good, even for Division I. I have seen BYU win by the same margin against Division I teams. The point disparity last Saturday night wasn’t necessarily a reflection of talent disparity; although we can both agree some of that may exist, it’s not as much as you might think!!

What I noticed Saturday night was in the minds of your players, rather than in their bodies. I watched how you coached them and I know they have been trained to do everything necessary to keep the game close, if not pull an “upset.”

BYU was not 35 points better than CC, regardless of the final score. BYU happened to outrun the CC players and out-react them. BYU wasn’t coached any better; they played better, but weren’t 35 points kind of better, if at all.

With the exception of Saturday, I think your players will believe in their coaching and believe in their ability to match or out-think their opponent; they usually get their minds right and are pro-active, instead of re-active. They will match a fast-breaking team like BYU step-for-step and they will set up ahead of the break, instead of chasing it.

All the tools are there, Coach. You don’t need better players — you HAVE them. You certainly don’t need Dave Rose, Mike Krzyzewski or Rick Pitino.

You have Andy Partee. I could not believe the shots your players were hitting and the intensity, playmaking ability, and individual talent on your team.




David Rowley

Provo, Utah

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