A group of CC alums — or bros, we should say — have become overnight internet phenoms for posts of them supporting the rollout of the Affordable

A screenshot of alums (from left) ASDPJD posing for "Thanks Obamacare."
A screenshot of alums (from left) Rob Preston ’13 Zach Atchinson ’13 and Sam Brody ’13 posing for “Thanks Obamacare.”

Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

“The Obamacare rollout has had its share of problems, but a new Colorado health care site is moving full speed ahead and banking on bros looking out for each other and getting insurance before their next kegger,” BuzzFeed wrote.

See the BuzzFeed post, titled “Colorado Busts Out Kegs And Bros To Sell Obamacare,” here.

The post was featured as part of an awareness initiative by Denver-based “Thanks Obamacare,” which aims to inform the public on the intricacies of the Affordable Care Act and how to navigated the new legislation.

The alums, Sam Brody ’13, Zach Atchinson ’13 and Rob Preston ’13 were helping out another alumna, Nina Roumell ’13, with the project.

Here is a post on Thanks Obamacare’s Facebook page.

Check out thanksobamacare.org to see more.

Jesse Paul, Editor-in-Chief

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