The chair in Rastall you sat on this morning may have been purchased with a student’s leftover Tiger Bucks  — the money you used to buy food — last year.

At the end of the year, any leftover Tiger Bucks are recycled into the dining reserve fund, said Randy Kruse, Director of Operations for Bon Appétit.

The dining reserve fund is used to purchase anything from chairs to utensils, said Vice President for Finance and Administration, Robert Moore.

“The school is very sensitive and intentional about where that money goes,” said Kruse.

However, Gold Card Plus  — the money you can put on your Gold Card to use at the C-store and other on- and off-campus locations — carries over indefinitely.

At the end of your CC career, Gold Card Plus is incorporated into your student bill. Although you lose any unused Tiger Bucks at the end of the year, both Gold Card Plus and Tiger Bucks roll over at the end of the semester.

Four years ago, the school recognized that students were left with superfluous sums by the end of the year.

“It said to me that we were charging too much,” said Moore.

Thus, for the subsequent three years, they chose not to increase the costs for the meal plan. This year is the first since then that the costs were raised.

They were raised by six percent, said Moore.

Bon Appétit takes measures to ensure they won’t take too much of your money.

“Historically, there’s very little left,” said Kruse.

If there is a large sum of Tiger Bucks on your account towards the end of the year, they will let you know, said Cheri Gamble, Student Account Specialist.

Some students use the money to “send steaks home to their parents,” said Gamble.

Another option is throwing a “pizza party for twelve” said Moore.

The three tiers of meal plans (A, B, and C) is another way in which the school helps students avoid large leftover sums.

“You can always put more money on,” said MacLeod, “but you can’t take money off.”

To manage all things to do with student accounts, go to the west side of the second floor of Armstrong.

Gamble works in the student accounts window and can answer all questions related to Tiger Bucks.

Brian LeMeur

Staff Writer

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