Burritos, spiritual guidance, dance parties, and lunchtime discussion—come to Shove Chapel and you can get it all.

At Colorado College, the Chaplain’s Office works hand-in-hand with the student body to “support students religiously and spiritually,” said Kate Holbrook, Chaplain on campus.  Since there’s virtually every color of the rainbow on these spectrums, coordinating events and aiding these students on a day-to-day basis is a workload.

Holbrook and her fellow Chaplain, Bruce Coriell, “work with students who are humanists, who are Atheists, who are spiritually seeking,” and just about everything else that there is on campus. In fact, Coriell said that there are, “over two dozen groups for people from particular traditions.”

“We do a lot of interfaith dialogue and a lot of programs that are geared towards reflection integration…  [For example] we have a weekly lunchtime discussion group that take place every Wednesday where there’s a topic such as life and ethics,” said Holbrook. This is just one instance of the connection being established, though.

In order to cater to the campus’ proclivities, the Chaplain’s Office set up innumerable events throughout the span of the school year, including interfaith dialogue, interfaith text studies, spiritual journey series, spiritual block break trips, Heart Centered Inquiry, and even a few less-structured recreational activities revolved around hospitality.

If you’ve munched on some muffins in the past spring seasons, scarfed down some burritos at Shove a few weeks ago, or danced your worries away after receiving an “Emergency Campus Dance Party” email, you’ve certainly caught a glimpse of the Colorado College Chaplain hospitality.

The famous Muffin Mania and Burritos at Shove events are held annually since, as Coriell said, “food is one of those places where people feel like they’re home.”

Holbrook said that these events have “no other agenda other than to be of hospitality to people,” and are truly there to create a sense of community.

Realistically, these feasts could be held anywhere; however, one of the goals of the events is to have, “people see the chapel as the heart of the campus,” Coriell said. By making the place more open to the Colorado College community, the Office hopes to break down any barriers previously set forth by hesitation.

Since not everyone may be comfortable with being in a chapel, another guiding resource located on campus is the Interfaith House. Be it there or at any given event, the Spiritual Life community on campus hopes that it “feels welcoming to all people,” Holbrook said.

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Candelaria Alcat

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