Mission South is a three-piece blues-rock band from Washington, DC. Their style is similar to that of a toned-down version of the Black Keys or Kings of Leon.  Last week, while passing through Colorado on tour, they played at an off-campus house on Wahsatch. The band is connected to Colorado College through their high school classmate, junior Mike Stevens.

Vocalist Dan Miller shines through on each track with a rough, smoky tone. Managing Editor Jack Sweeney calls the riffs “clichéd,” but if you’ll overlook that, the blues sound is very relaxed. The lyrics are somewhat emotional, but they get lost in the guitar riffs and Miller’s vocals. For the most part, each song is incredibly mellow.

“Peaches,” the EP’s single and best song, is a love ballad with heavy guitars and Miller hitting high notes on the chorus. “Saints” is a bluesy, relaxed jam. On “Photographs and Fables,” the singer wails about holding onto a lost love’s memories.

Mission South is the perfect music for a chill weekend afternoon outside or in the dorms. The sound is low-key, yet still brings excitement with the guitars and vocals. There are rifts abound, but no harmony ever goes over the top.

However, don’t be prepared for Mission South to blow you away. They play great southern blues rock, but never do anything revolutionary. It’s a completely enjoyable experience, but I wouldn’t call them artists to watch. If you’re looking for something new and exciting in alternative or rock, I would turn to Haim, a three-piece band of sisters, who recently released their debut, “Days Are Gone.

If you missed the show, their latest EP “Migration, Vol. 2” and their entire discography is available to download for free off their website, and it’s definitely worth the listen. Mission South could perfectly fit into the iTunes library of any CC student who enjoys mellow rock music such as Alt-J.

Also out this week and next week: Pearl Jam’s “Lightning Bolt,” Katy Perry’s “Prism,” and Best Coast’s mini-album “Fade Away.”

Nick Dye, Staff


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