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People who follow me on twitter (@brooksbooks45) already know the reason I chose to study abroad next semester is my fear of missing Halloween. Often called the Christmas of October, Halloween is MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY of autumn besides, of course, the Fall Equinox.

In 2004, Cady Heron explained Halloween as “the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.” Well thank God we live in 2013! Post-racial, post-patriarchal America lets me dress like a total slut whenever I want, but Halloween lets me dress like a slut wearing an outfit that has a more elaborate theme. Oct.31 is the best opportunity to get a little #kooky.

Whether you go as something dark and disturbing like those people who dress up as priests molesting children, something flirty and fun like the characters from “The Bling Ring,” or a classic sexy Disney princess, it’s always fun to explore an alter ego.


Ha ha ha I know what y’all are thinking: “Whoa how original! Another buzzreport about the Slocum renovations.., NOT.” Well joke’s on you because I’m talking about the pre-2013 Slocum.

Back in my day, dorms had character. I really worry about the kind of college experience these “lucky” first-years are receiving. We spent our time wondering why there were three different patterns of tile in the ground. We could go on the roof! Everything was janky, but in an edgy fun kind of way—kind of like a better version of Loomis.  Modern-day Slocum is a hotel colored like a Dr. Seuss-themed pediatrician’s waiting room. Why do y’all need those electronic blackboard things outside every room?!

I just hope the first-years living there now will have to live somewhere like the CC Inn next year; someone needs to give them a real college experience.


As much as I hate to validate our Editor-In-Chief Jesse Paul’s ego, I have to say that his VDP article last week got a lot of attention (at least on his Facebook). People are going bananas about the Video Dance Party. One commenter wrote, “Words like ‘horror’ and ‘travesty’ make us look so entitled in comparison to people around the world who are experiencing real horror and travesty. We’re outraged because instead of VDP, we’ll end up at some other drunk [sic] party for privileged, fortunate college kids? This is the kind of ‘horror’ we decide to spend our time writing about?” And when someone asked why the VDP was such a big deal, someone else said, “This is the problem no one wants to address. VDP was fun because everyone […] was ridiculously [messed] up. It was monumental in the sense that it was a chance for everyone to just go wild.”  The Video Dance Party was more than your average house party. For starters, it did not take place inside a claustrophobic house. NSO groups could bond over a trip to the ARC. The VDP tent didn’t drip sweat from the ceiling. First-years had a chance to go out with their new, essentially temporary, friends. It’s always funny to hear about whom someone hooked up with at the VDP because it’s the last time in our experience at CC where we could be a completely blank slate. Sorry if it seems entitled that we’re upset a CC tradition was cancelled, but I think the outrage about the VDP speaks for the feelings of hopelessness a lot of CC students are feeling now that Boettcher is closed at night, weeknight parties are getting shutdown, and there is nothing we can do about it. The VDP will always be one of my favorite things.

Brooks Fleet, Style Editor

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