I believe it was one of those wise and ancient Greek dudes who wrote that there is only one irrevocable law in the natural world of Fantasy Football : As soon as you bench him, he goes off.

This is one of the most unfortunate truths of Fantasy Football, and it rips your heart out time and time again.

Players that we know as great usually underperform, but we stick by them, and they underperform again. But no, we hold the course, we trust our man. And still they throw up a stinker. So we say FINE! You wanna be like that? FINE! And we bench them.

And what do they do?

They immediately score somewhere between 20 and 50 points because that’s what you get. The gods of Fantasy Football are cruel and unusual, and Bill Belichick flips a coin to decide which running back he’s going to like from week to week.

So here’s to all the Stevan Ridley and Vincent Jackson owners out there: I am with you; I am one of you. It’s not your fault, but don’t throw your laptop through the window—don’t do it.

This leads me to my Big Point of the week, which is that consistency is incredibly important in Fantasy Football. It’s why I don’t draft guys like V-Jax or Victor Cruz. They’re one long ball away from nothing.

The guys who get you nine every week no matter what are the guys I want.

Ok just let me finish this piece of hate mail to Stevan Ridley, and we’ll get right into pick-ups…

Running Backs –

Andre Ellington – I’ve been talking him up for a while now. This kid is not going away; he is only getting better. I guarantee he finishes with more points than Mendenhall this season, injuries aside, and he is almost definitely available in your league, unless you play with me.

Zac Stacy – Available in over 90 percent of ESPN leagues, which is silly, because this kid is doing nothing except putting up respectable flex numbers and will continue to do so. If you want some consistent running back depth—and who doesn’t—then this is the guy for you.

And your mirage  –

Khiry Robinson – This is the guy not to overreact about. The same should be said for any New Orleans back ever not named Darren Sproles, because the Saints are drafting the guy selling hot dogs in section 12 and handing him touchdown carries. Seriously, you never know with these guys.

Wide Receivers –

Justin Blackmon – He’s still out there in just under half of ESPN leagues. Come on, man.

Keenan Allen – He wound up in the spotlight on Monday night, and suddenly everyone is realizing that this kid has been good now for three straight weeks. Available in over 90 percent of ESPN leagues, he should be owned in those leagues.

And your mirage –

Brandon LaFell – He is a boom-or-bust guy who will make you tear your hair out. You will never feel safe starting him, so he isn’t worth owning, and that’s that.

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