The Colorado College tradition of Video Dance Party has officially been rescheduled to take place on Oct. 31, labeled by Student Life as “VDP: Halloween edition.”


The initial cancellation of this traditional New Student Orientation event, followed by a failed postponement, has generated considerable concern among the student body.


However, the Student Life office clarifies that they have no intentions of phasing out VDP.


“I just want to put it where it goes best,” said Bethany Grubbs, the Student Life Specialist in charge of this event. She emphasized that the changes are meant to benefit the students.


The new date of Oct. 31, deemed by Student Life to be the optimal opportunity to have it, will allow both new and returning students to attend.


With security and student safety a top priority, the event will not be held under the usual tent. Instead, it will take place in Worner from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. followed by the customary midnight breakfast.


“It probably won’t look a whole lot different from previous Halloweens,” said Grubbs, a fact that has caused frustration among students.


Some feel dissatisfied by the combination of two events or feel that the traditional spirit of VDP is gone.


Student Life, however, has anticipated these concerns. “Some students might say, ‘but wait, that’s not our VDP’,” said Grubbs.


She encourages students to take the initiative to plan their own VDP if they are not satisfied with this situation.


“Students drive the programing here at CC. If anybody wants to come and propose a rescheduling of VDP if they feel the Halloween one isn’t enough, they can come see me and be willing to put in some of the work,” Grubbs said. “I’ll help them plan. That’s all it takes.”


In terms of the future of VDP, this Halloween edition is not necessarily going to be the model forever. Grubbs conveys a desire to schedule it it earlier next year; however, she makes it clear that it will never be the traditional NSO event that CC’s sophomores, juniors, and seniors are accustomed to.


The Central Planning Committee will meet this week to figure out specific details for VDP: Halloween Edition. Expect more information to be released in the next few weeks.




Emilia Whitmer

Staff Writer


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