Campus Safety and local police are searching for a “peeping tom” who spied on and photographed female students in bathrooms in Loomis Hall last weekend.

On Sunday evening, Campus Safety sent an all-campus timely warning email to the community outlining two instances where a man had walked into a women’s bathroom in Loomis and peered in on a female student showering.

The first incident took place on Saturday night when a female student who was showering around 10 p.m. noticed someone watched her through the crack in the shower door. Then on Sunday afternoon, another female student reported that she walked into a bathroom and saw a man holding a phone at the top of a shower stall, the College said.

After analyzing surveillance footage in accordance with student reports, Campus Safety believes they are looking for one suspect who is responsible for both incidents.

“Subsequent to the timely warning being issued, several students notified Campus Safety that they though that has seen an individual matching the description in the timely warning, helping us narrow the time frames and locations that the suspect entered or exited the facilities,” Campus Safety said in an email Monday.

Surveillance video from Loomis showed the subject loitering briefly in the lobby area, pretending to use his cell phone and waiting to enter the elevator when someone else exited, giving him access to the building without a Gold Card.

On another occasion, Campus Safety said, the suspect entered the lobby behind two students, appearing to be part of their group when they entered the elevator in the lobby.

Mike Edmonds, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students, informed parents of the incident in an email, asking them to reiterate risk reduction tips to their children.

The suspect is described as a man in his 20s, roughly six feet tall, possibly Latino, with short dark hair in a “buzz” cut.



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