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Although CC students are privy to the countless resources offered on campus, sometimes those resources are just not exactly what we are looking for to get rid ourselves of the Block Plan’s stress.

Whether it is a keg for Friday night, shots for a birthday celebration, or a nice bottle of wine for Classy Wednesday, Weber Liquor always has something to offer those of-age.

Located on Weber Street between Dale and Monument, Weber Liquor is right in the heart of Colorado Springs and has been open for 37 years.

Open seven days a week and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays, the iconic store has become a staple of CC nightlife for those 21 and older.

Employees there make it clear that Weber Liquor employees love having CC students as their clientele almost as much as the students love shopping for alcohol.

“First block and graduation are definitely our busiest times,” Taylor, a clerk at the store, said.

During Block 1, Weber Liquor tends to stock up on 30-racks of PBR, Keystone, and Miller High Life. For graduation, the store stockpiles champagne.

In terms of hard alcohol, Weber sells a lot of cheap vodka and gin, according to Weber employees.

As upperclassmen will attest, freshmen year wouldn’t be nearly as unmemorable without the foreign and possibly toxic-based Skol vodka.

Despite the increase in business, the prices vary very little throughout the year.

“If anything, the prices go down because we buy in more bulk,” Taylor said. “The price point is always the same in terms of what percentage we mark off.”

He also mentioned that Friday is by far the busiest day of the week.

“Friday,” Taylor said. “Friday from 3 p.m. ‘til closing.”

Clerks at the shop also have seasonal alcohol recommendations.

In case anyone is sick of the same old IPA or obscure small-town brew, Taylor shared some options for a tasty fall beer. He suggests an in-season pumpkin beer: either the Elijian or Oktoberfest for this time of the year.

“Upslopes are also a great choice, but they aren’t out yet. It should be about another month or so,” Taylor said.

Other students agree that Weber Liquor is a consistent choice not just because of their great selections in brew.

“I go to Weber because the people who work there are really friendly and I can walk there,” senior Lauren Traub said. “It’s a hassle to drive and I gotta save on gas money.”

So the next time you are standing in Weber, legal ID in hand and anxious to get your whiskey on a Monday evening, give the employees a warm hello.

They will be happy to chat, and you will be happy when they give you a free shot on your birthday.

Megan Masuret

Guest Writer

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