One of the most treasured aspects of Colorado College is its view of the Rocky Mountains, and no other spot on campus is better for enjoying them than the roof of Shove Chapel.


Over the years, Shove’s roof has been used for a number of small spiritual and social events. However, according to Debra Zerecky, the Chaplains’ Office Manager, visitors to the roof are rare.


During the beginning or end of the year, RAs reserve the roof for hall meetings. Occasionally, Sacred Grounds coffee will use the roof for events, and a few spiritual life programs have gathered on the roof.


Beyond this, the roof is a good spot for taking photographs of the campus and its surrounding scenery. Students also utilize Shove’s roof to do homework.


Yet, “there isn’t any typical usage,” Zerecky said, and people’s limited knowledge of Shove’s roof is usually “just word of mouth.”


Just reaching the top of the historic chapel is an experience in itself.


The narrow, spiral stairway to the roof is surrounded by black brick walls and winds up many stories. Every hour, the ringing from the bell tower flares through this stairway.


Any students interested in visiting Shove Chapel’s roof can visit Zarecky in her office or call her at (719) 389-6638.  The office is open most days between 8 am and 4:30 pm.


The roof is open every day except when Shove is hosting a wedding, concert, or other large event.  In exchange for the key to the roof, a student only has to leave his or her Gold Card.


Katlyn Frey

Guest Writer

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