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Colorado College’s newest neighbor, Ashley’s Attic, is nothing like your grandma’s attic—unless, that is, your grandma wears high heels and Free People.

Since June 7, Ashley’s Attic, a second-hand clothing store, has mirrored the eclecticism found in Colorado Springs.

“I have a little bit of everything,” says owner Ashley Gillet. “Rock Revivals to Chico’s to Urban Outfitters.”

Born and raised in the springs, Gillet developed a love for fashion that eventually earned her a degree in apparel and merchandising. “Having my own store seems naturally fitting to me, my mom, and my whole family,” she says.

Located two doors down from Wooglin’s Deli, the store appears as a charming kind of “first-floor attic.” Gillet considers the spot a great starting point and hopes it will attract a variety of patrons familiar with the shops at North Tejon Street and East Cache La Poudre Street.

Business hours are Fridays and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., but the owner says her ideal schedule would be Tuesday through Saturday — catering to weekend shoppers and busy college students alike.

The standards of consignment at Ashley’s are embodied by a simple philosophy: good condition. At its core, the shop seeks to provide quality clothes from name brands.

Ashley’s Attic offers more than just casual shopping.

Facebook provides details for evening parties where customers can reserve the space free of charge. “We dress you up and help you figure out an outfit to wear if you have a special occasion to go to or just want some new clothes,” Gillet said.

There’s no hiding the CC students’ enthusiasm for second-hand shopping, leaving the Attic to compete with the several second-hand and thrift shops already in Colorado Springs.

Gillet reminisces that she, too, was an avid consigner in college. In a similar spirit, she seeks to be cost-effective in every aspect of her business: using bags procured from other clothing stores and family-made decorations.

Hannah Fleming

Guest Writer

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