Lightning struck the Dallas net three times in the form of three CC goals last Sunday, putting a victory on the men’s soccer team record for the first time this year.

Despite heavy storms and torrential delays, Colorado College played a dynamite game on our very own Stewart Field to a terrific 3-1 Tiger victory.

Brandon Ogilvie, a senior forward, set the tone in the second minute of the conflict, smoothly receiving a rebound off an opposing defender and finishing with a choice left-side roller.

Next up was Sean Parham, roughly a minute later. Taking a beautiful cross-field lob from the Tigers’ defensive half, Sean turned and ripped a shot from the top right side of the 18. The ball floated over the goalkeeper, giving the Tigers an early 2-0 lead. “That’s the start I wanted to have,” said head coach Horst Richardson to the CC Athletics website, “we easily could have had a third [early goal], and the game would have been over.”

Although Colorado College did at one point concede a goal, they kept control of the match and soon would receive  assurance of their victory.

The third goal that coach Richarson wanted came in the 88th minute off the boot of first-year Cadan MacKenzie. His clinical finish into the bottom right corner of the Dallas net marked both his first goal of the season and his first regular season goal as a Tiger.

Richardson, currently in his 49th year as head coach, expected a positive response from his team after Friday’s 1-1 tie with Chapman University.

Thirsty for a victory, the soccer team knew it was a matter  of “if” instead of “when.”  Coach Richardson spoke to the CC Athletics website about the success of his team after the game: “We were thinking it would be easy. You take your foot off the pedal, and who knows? It was a long, rainy day, but we persevered, and I’m delighted for the team.”

This win will hopefully mark the turning point in the Tigers’ season, showing that the team is more talented than their score sheet has shown.

Now that the pressure is off, we can expect the team to really connect over their passion, a connection that will lead to more fabulous goals and great soccer.

Please join us at home on Sept. 20t as the Tigers carry their momentum into a matchup against Austin College.

Quotes from Horst Richardson courtesy of the CC communications website.




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