Looks can be deceiving.

Although it may appear the same from the outside, Tutt Library has undergone several subtle renovations in the last few months, helping to improve the aging academic building.

“We have a restroom remodel in the north end of the second floor, men’s and women’s, completely remodeled. They also did some work on the restroom for women’s in the south end by special collections,” said Brandy Lachocki, Receiving Coordinator for Tutt Library. “They also put in an environmentally controlled area in special collections —moisture, heat, cold — so it’s kept the same temperature all the time in a controlled environment for special collections.”

Before the improvements to the special collections were made, the college’s rare and valuable books were exposed to the library’s central heating and cooling system. Lachocki has high opinions of the renovations to the library’s special collections, saying, “They just finished that last week, so that’s a huge improvement.”

Lachocki also pointed out the new book drop that the library has installed. The new book drop is located directly outside of the library doors, freeing up space in the library.

The new book drop was also built with security in mind. The metal construction of the book drop and its new outdoor location ensure the safety of the library.

“If anyone tries to throw a burning book, it doesn’t burn down the whole library,” Lochocki said.

Additionally, the atrium of the library has borne witness to the installation of 14 new electrical sockets, located underneath tables.  However, the improvements have not been widely publicized, and many students are oblivious to them.

First-year Spencer Spotts hadn’t initially seen the sockets slyly slotted underneath his table, but gamely plugged his laptop in after discovering them, only to decide that, “It’s kinda in the way.”

Spotts’ sense of indifference toward the new remodel seems to be the sentiment held by the many who spoke to The Catalyst this week — none of the other new sockets in the atrium were being used Tuesday afternoon in the crowded space.

Lachocki is still enthused about the improvements, and cites additional retouches to the library as reason to be excited.

“We are getting 15 new chairs downstairs,” Lachocki said in reference to the weather and stained red chairs in the basement computer lab. “These [old chairs] are kind of worn and messy looking.”.

While the recent renovations may not be the most aesthetically obvious and pleasing, they significantly improve the library as a place for students to work and study.

Charles Simon

Guest Writer

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  1. “Significantly improve the library as a place for students to work and study.”

    How do any of these improvements significantly improve the library? You’ve made a difficult sell that these changes are even improvements, yet alone significant improvements.

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