To the Editor-in-Chief,

Well, it sure didn’t take the new crop of CC students long to make an impression on the residents of the Old North End.

Once again, we are surrounded by barbaric behavior from students that have no sense of manners and no idea how to live peacefully with other human beings in a close environment.

Sunday evening, we were bombarded by hundreds of students partying in the streets, alleys, yards, and porches as if this were Bourbon Street at Mardi Gras. There were even streakers who had to be subdued by the CSPD with towels wrapped around them.

I won’t be surprised if the college doesn’t do anything about it, of course – “Why should they?” is the standard reply. They seem to think that if it’s off-campus, it’s up to us to take care of the problem. I’ve been told repeatedly by CC staff to go ahead and call the police, so I do, but often the officers who arrive merely chit-chat with the students for an hour before driving away.

Of course I keep calling the police every time, filing noise complaints, calling the landlords of the properties, and calling the students themselves when I can get through to them.

But what is it going to take for this to come to an end? Do we need a class-action lawsuit against the school to finally get this under control? We are losing our neighborhood, one semester at a time.

Every semester, every year, this kind of behavior ruins the neighborhood. Just when you get one group of out-of-control students to finally quiet down (begrudgingly, only after dozens of police calls and warnings), the slumlord property owners bring in a new group of students and the cycle starts all over again.

This part of downtown Colorado Springs (especially the Uintah/Weber intersection and the radiating area) – once known for its beautiful homes and landscaping – is now simply known as the CC Slum and it is turning this area into a trashy dump, filled with red plastic cups and empty beer bottles. Friends and relatives of ours will not even come visit our home on weekends or holiday evenings because of what happens over here.

I expect some real solutions to be proposed this time – beyond just the usual “we’ll have a talk with them” or “you should call the police” – so we, the residents of the Old North End, can take back our neighborhood. I am outraged and completely disgusted by Colorado College, it’s students, and its leadership at this kind of consistently ignorant and apathetic behavior.

Further, it seems to me as if ONEN’s long-standing policy on neighbor-to-CC student relations is not working, because every semester, every year, we, the residents, have to go through all of these steps again and again, and we should not have to do this repeatedly. When we have an incident, we are supposed to:

1. Try and reach out to your neighbor/s. Get to know who’s living next and around you, exchange contact information if possible. In short, get to know your neighbors, (landlord/property owner(s) if applicable).

2. If you confirm that they are CC students and cannot come to a neighborly agreement on noise, parties, parking, etc., then call the CC staff to help resolve any issues & complaints. CC Security: 389-6707

3. Call CSPD if the first two steps have failed on parties, parking, and noise violations or anytime you feel you, your home, or property is in danger. CSPD non-emergency 444-7000. Code Enforcement 444-7891

4. File and sign a complaint with CSPD on habitual tenants, landlords, and neighbors who continuously violated code(s) and zoning laws.

Yes, I have followed these steps…but EVERY year??? That’s ridiculous.

No one told me that, upon moving to the Old North End, I’d have to follow these procedures every time a new school year starts. What kind of a way to live is that?

This once-cherished and historic neighborhood is being lost to transient CC students right before our eyes, and it seems as if no one is able or willing to do anything about it. These students, once they graduate, rarely remain in the community, so what do they care?

To Colorado College: either keep the students under control or don’t let them off your property – they don’t deserve to be sharing the neighborhood with the rest of us.

– Tommy Pesavento, Old North End Resident


  1. I’m liking the class action suit. Great post.
    He said it for us all. I am just one block from the college
    and we also get it. I am up many nights awakened repeatedly
    by students in a big victorian across the way, walking by my house,
    seeming to have no concept of the noise they are making.
    There are plenty of older people in these historic neighorhoods and
    we deserve some respect. It’s a crying shame.

  2. Correction: they party loudly and in large groups in the house, as well as walk by yelling, cursing, and throwing/breaking bottles along the way.

  3. This is the most obnoxious thing I have ever read. Do you realize that this school is older than your “cherished” neighborhood, that this school has calmed down an extreme amount over the past 10 if not 30 years, and that by moving into a neighborhood as close to a college (that is tame in comparison to other institutions) as possible, and expecting no noise or partying at night that you are the one that is ignorant. People in college party. It’s a fact. Sure some of them may be disrespectful, but you must expect that. It’s a college. Kids get drunk and loud. The way some students act while drunk does not reflect the campus as a whole or how the majority of cc kids act; and even more so when they are sober. Manage your expectations accordingly, you ignorant neighbor.

  4. Mr. Pesavento,
    You are an idiot. You live in a college town. If you do not wish for drunken college students surrounding your area, then move.

  5. Gabrielle-you are the idiot. Just because it is a college town doesn’t mean the neighbors should have to but up with a bunch of drunken, unruly college kids. Me thinks from your intelligent post that you are in fact one of these rude college kids Tommy is talking about. Same goes for “Pommy Tesavento”.

    Maybe if your parents had taught you and the rest of these college kids some manners the North End wouldn’t be experiencing this.

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