Colorado College’s Office of Campus Activities has decided to contract emergency medical technician (EMT) services for more campus events than in years’ past.

EMT presence at high-risk events is not new, but EMTs will now attend Ice Age, Winter Ball, and Halloween.

These changes came as a direct result of changes in Boettcher hours — Boettcher no longer provides overnight medical service, but has extended the hours in which nurse practitioners and their support staff are available during the week.

Campus Activities and Outdoor Education typically contract with AMR, American Medical Response, to provide EMTs at campus events. AMR also serves the City of Colorado Springs under a contract to provide emergency medical services.

Certain CC-hosted are simply a bit dangerous by nature.

“We have determined that it’s best practice to have [EMTs] present at events that we consider a little more high-risk due to opportunities for personal injury (such as Rail Jam),” said Rochelle Mason, Associate Dean of Students.

Other events are dangerous because of environmental factors, she said.

“[We have EMTs present] at an event such as Llamapalooza where we have a very large crowd combined with exposure to elements and/or alcohol served to those who are of a legal drinking age,” Mason said.

There is no clear-cut rule for which events require EMT service.

“If there are other large events where the event organizers feel EMTs could be helpful, they’ll also be present there,” Mason said.

Exposure to the elements has proven a serious concern with campus events.

“When President Obama spoke on campus last year, we had a large crowd sweltering in 90-degree-plus weather and I know EMTs on site had to treat a few people for heat exposure and dehydration,” Mason said.

EMTs have long been present at campus events, but their service is rarely necessary.

“The last time I remember students utilizing the on-site EMTs for an event was Rail Jam last year, where a few students riding the rails had a bloody lip or bloody nose,” Mason said.

Eliza Carter, Staff Writer

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