-CCSGA invites all students to participate in the “Building on the Block” Town Hall at 3:30 p.m., Monday the 16th, in East Rastall. The town hall is a great opportunity for students to learn and ask questions about the college’s strategic plan with President Jill Tiefenthaler, CCSGA President Isaac Green, Student Trustee Joel Begay, and the Strategic Planning Committee Chairs.

-Chartership and Recognition forms for student groups are now updated on the CCSGA website. These forms should be completed for all student clubs by December 2nd.

-The CCSGA Executive Council is working to compile a report of statistics and information to release within the next ten days in order to best educate our student body about the reasoning behind the reduced hours at the Boettcher Health Center. Please feel free to contact Emily Spiegel, CCSGA VP for Student Concerns, with any questions or comments.

– CCSGA will be holding full council elections the second Thursday of Block Two. More information about how to run for full council will be released in the coming weeks.

-CCSGA is working to update its website and Executive Bios.



Finance Information:


This week approved funding:

GlobeMed Event – $350

Farm Club $1,100


This Year’s Totals 

  • Endowment- $52,902.00
  • Unused club funds (2012/13)- $33,530
  • Operating Budget- $141,564.08

Total= $227,996.08


In terms of club allocations.

$101,701.5 was allocated between 62 organizations

$11,298.5 allocated for Collaborative Funds*

Total Club Allocation= $113,000 

Total Available for Special Events Funding= $114,996.08

*The Collaborative Fund Initiative was created this year to give a financial incentive to get clubs working together. The fund has already been allocated to student groups, but can only be accessed once the group collaborates with another group. Following this collaboration, the funds are released, and may be used at the student group’s discretion. More information will be posted on the CCSGA website by the end of the week.

This information was submitted to The Catalyst by the Colorado College Student Government.

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