We’ve asked the experts; Colorado College is officially a Conference USA favorite.

The CC Girls Soccer team took the conference championship last year, and the most recent coaches poll picked them to win it all again.

Leading the charge is Coach Geoff Bennett, considered by his players to be one of the most prized coaches for the 2013 campaign. Coach Bennett’s players exhibit great veneration for him.

“Geoff is a great coach, and he has earned the respect of our whole team. He genuinely cares about everyone involved in our program and invests all of his energy in our success”, said Captain Kecia Morway.

Under his leadership, the Colorado College Tigers have become known as viciously victorious. Winning their first Conference USA season crown last year, Colorado College edged out North Texas, Tulsa, and Florida International for the championship.

The pack enters this season with a Conference USA season crown, one of the best coaches in the league, and seven returning starters accompanied by 19 veterans. With this repertoire, the Tigers are expected to seamlessly continue their previous momentum into the next season.

The top five teams will qualify for the 2013 Conference USA Championship. Nov. 4-10 at Rice University in Houston, Texas. If last season indicates future performance, we can expect the Conference USA Championship to be the target destination for Colorado College, a team that last year recorded 10 shutouts and an 8.2 goals against average.

Take heed rival schools, because we have: Jessie Ayers pouncing on every possible point, the sophistication of Madison Whitehead’s midfield, and the steadfast experience of Kecia Morway leading the D. Not mention another 19 players hungry for a second taste of victory.

However, at the end of the day, stats are only a manifestation of the team’s architecture, transcending more than hard work.

The Tigers only see their next challenge.

As Morway said, “This is an entirely new team, as it is every fall, so I don’t even compare us to who we were last year.”  Joining this fresh start are four freshmen and transferring sophomore Sarah Schweiss.

Captain Lynn Froetscher has welcomed these new additions to the pack, saying, “Practices have been really competitive, [and] sometimes it seems we play harder against each other than we do our opponents. This will push us to play our best”.

Here at Colorado College, we have a history of excellence, and our Women’s Soccer team is no exception.

We cordially invite our fellow students, teachers, and sports enthusiasts to tune in and D up this season—a season that you can expect to be filled with artistic plays, beautiful goals, and the all-around brilliant experience of great soccer as we defend our title.

The next action for the Women’s Soccer team is this Friday at Loyola University of Chicago in the opening game of the Marquette Invitational in Milwaukee.

Alex Welch, Guest Writer

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