As the school year winds to a close, excitement is still mounting in the Admissions Office. The final decisions on who will come to CC as freshmen next year are being solidified, and the intense, logistical process of admissions will soon be complete.


“We are a week or two away from having any formal statistics for the enrolled class next fall,” Mark Hatch, Vice President for Enrollment, said.


What we do know about the incoming class of 2017 is that they are more diverse, both globally and socioeconomically, than previous classes. One of the most interesting facts is that 40 of the incoming students took a gap year, which is larger than CC’s average of about 30 per year.


“This specific group of freshmen is really interesting—we have more gap years, courageous people who are breaking away from the norms. All these people are really explorative,” Kalen Acquisto, Admission Fellow, said.


About 500 students have been enrolled at CC for next year’s freshman class so far. The number to aim for is 520 to 525, so there is a little space for people to get in from the waitlist. Anywhere from zero to 30 people from the waitlist are enrolled each year.


“It’s more competitive than it ever was; people who were denied are now going to Ivy League and flagship schools around the nation,” Acquisto said.


While some schools prioritize test scores and grades in their admission processes, the CC Admissions Office truly works to get a holistic image of their prospective students.


“We deal more with a 3-D person than with a piece of paper. CC is always looking for diversity in a different sense, and it’s a very in-depth, non-superficial process,” Acquisto said.


Especially through interviews and essays, the admission staff looks for qualities that students will bring to campus and how they might fit in at CC.


“It’s logistics and figuring out numbers, creating a balance between certain kinds of people,” Acquisto said.


The admission fellows, who are students that conduct interviews, attend college fairs, and assist in the admission process are strategically selected in order to create a balance in the process.


“We have a really non-traditional approach for outreach. We don’t go to diverse schools and ask for their top students; instead, we’re going to community organizations and to people who maybe aren’t college-bound until we talk to them,” Acquisto said.


The CC admissions office’s focus on getting to know applicants and reaching out has ensured that the class of 2017 will be highly qualified and diverse in many ways.


Audrey Wheeler

Staff Writer

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