“The best thing you can do to get a great job is to do a great internship.” This quote from Larry Stimpert, interim director of the Career Center, is splashed across pamphlets placed in every student’s Worner Box.  However, many opportunities for summer internships are unpaid, which presents difficulties since most college students already live on a cramped budget.


The Career Center is addressing this problem with its new funding for unpaid internships and job opportunities.  Approximately $273,000 has been given for spring and summer grants.  The money came from fundraising efforts and trustee donations.


About 80 students so far have received funding from the school.  “The program gives the students the ability to be ambitious about what they want to do with their summer and go after opportunities that will help them post-graduation,” said Jason Owens, Associate Director of Employer Relations.


Erin Conner, junior and one of the recipients of the internship funding program, is using the money to support her summer internship with Parties That Cook! Conner will be working with the culinary events company on marketing, social media, and culinary projects.


“I’m hoping to learn more about business. I am not interested in publishing or journalism, so I’m looking to explore jobs where I can apply my writing and thinking skills,” said Conner, an English major.  She also wanted to take the opportunity to explore her interest in cooking.


Another recipient, senior Daniel Wright, will spend his summer interning at Robert Kenner Films in Los Angeles.   Wright, a film minor, will be assisting in the production of a new documentary about doubt in climate change.


“It’s a good chance for me to be out in L.A. and be networking.  There are a lot of CC alumni who are out there and doing well, so I’ll connect with them,” said Wright.


Wright was able to receive enough funding, through both the career center and transitions fellowship, to cover all of his housing and food while in L.A.  “If I didn’t have this money this summer, I wouldn’t be able to go to L.A. and do this,” he said.


The funding program began in October when there was a push from the career center and administration to beef up the internship and jobs programs available to students.


The original goal was to find 250 internships and jobs available to students.  Owens worked with alumni, employers, and community partners to make connections that would bring opportunities to students.  The career center utilized email promotions and alumni events to get word about their efforts out.

Stimpert says the program will definitely continue, but the form may change depending on if the program expands.


“My role will always be to find more opportunities for students, so that is always going to continue.  We want to try and continue this program,” said Owens, “This is all part of a bigger plan to make sure that students feel like they’re being supported.”


Internship funding is now closed for the summer, but students still looking for summer opportunities can go to SUCCESS, where the career center lists every internship and job opportunity they come by.


Students can also utilize a new parent and alumni database, OurCC Connections, as a career and networking resource.  Both websites can be linked through the career center website.



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