During the academic year, 18 Campus Safety officers prowl the campus by golf cart, vehicle, or by foot in order to respond to the calls and concerns of the Colorado College community. During the summer, Campus Safety continues their full patrol even though the majority of students are not on campus.


The start of the 2012-2013 academic year brought new Director of Campus Safety Pat Cunningham. In his brief tenure at CC, Cunningham furthered Ron Smith’s partnerships with areas of campus life such as the Wellness Resource Center, Residential Life, and the Colorado Springs fire and police departments.


Cunningham stresses that the role of Campus Safety is to “provide a safe environment for the educational mission of Colorado College to take place. While we do hope to take advantage of the summer to give our staff the opportunity to take vacation, relax, and re-energize before the start of the new school year in the fall, we also have projects that we’ll be working on over the summer.”


Such projects include completing fire safety inspections in buildings around campus, conducting a campus-wide Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, and continuing in-service officer training programs.


Despite the ambitious summer plans, the day-to-day summer operations don’t change much from those of the academic year. “Although there are fewer students on campus, there are summer session students and faculty present, and there are a number of summer conferences, camps, and other activities,” Cunningham said.


During the summer months, the primary increase in crime is generally bicycle theft. Campus safety recommends students take their bikes home with them, find a secure location to store them, or register them with Campus Safety and ensure that they are properly secured.


Starting this year, Campus Safety and Mike Applegate, Maintenance Supervisor, will work together to rid the racks of bikes deemed abandoned, rusted, or inoperable. These bicycles or parts of bikes will be stored for six months, and if they remain unclaimed, will be disposed of.


Other bicycles, in operational condition but not registered, will be tagged with orange “abandoned property” bands. After three weeks, tagged bicycles still remaining will be removed, pending claim by the owner or disposed of as abandoned if unclaimed after six months.[BEC1]


Campus Safety’s upcoming agenda for the 2013-2014 is full as well. “We’ll look to take advantage of the Hazard Vulnerability Assessment we have planned for this summer, along with our in-service training focus on critical incident management, to look for ways to mitigate potential hazards as part of our patrol operations,” Cunningham said.


Cunningham said that he and the Campus Safety Department hope to implement additional programming and increase officer interaction with students. He hopes to expand the shuttle and SafeRide programs and further the TigerWalk and TigerWatch programs.


Cunningham praises the CC community for assisting Campus Safety in preventing or solving crimes by purely being attentive and alert to suspicious activity. “[It is observant students] whose actions kept others from being victimized, aided in the recovery of thousands of dollars-worth of property, and resulted in having such great documentation that the suspect pled guilty to the burglaries with which he was charged,” Cunningham said.

Colleen Leong

Staff Writer

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