Due to recent controversy surrounding issues of off-campus housing for CC seniors, many rumors have been circulating concerning the possibility of required on-campus housing for all four years.


Sara Rotunno, Assistant Director of Residential Life, denies the truth of these rumors at this time. “We are constantly assessing how we best support our students and our residential programs on campus. Currently, we have not made a decision to make housing required for all students,“ Rotunno said.


However, Rotunno does suggest that the administration has been considering possible alternative plans in regards to off-campus housing.


“We do continue to discuss how we best support students and neighbors who are off campus so that we are providing the best experience possible,” Rotunno said.


The recently established senior cottages (four houses on Weber Street near Yampa) could represent a possible alternative model for senior housing in the future. These houses are similar to the residences most seniors opt for in the neighborhood surrounding the school in the sense that students are generally responsible for the property and pay a monthly rent. The difference, however, is that the properties are owned and maintained by the school, therefore making CC the landlord.


Although CC does not have any immediate plans to purchase more residential property for the purpose of new housing, the student reviews of the property are generally positive.


“During Block 4 we did a satisfaction survey and the students ranked an average of four point three on a scale of five of being satisfied,” Rotunno said.


Nikki Kaufman, a resident of one of the senior cottages, maintains that indeed, there are many advantages to these houses, including the ease of paying individual rent and the reliability of the school as a landlord. With 53 cottage applications received for the upcoming year, it is clear that these houses have the potential to become desirable residences.


However, despite these advantages and the apparent popularity, there is no doubt that objections would arise if this system were to be instituted as the model for all senior housing.


Some of this year’s complaints focus on the interference of campus administration in presentation of the houses. There have been accounts of the school dictating what can and cannot be kept on the exterior of the houses.


“I think more senior cottages would be helpful in avoiding irresponsible landlords, but it would also prevent students from gaining an initial responsibility and understanding of what it’s like to live outside of the CC bubble,” said Kaufman.


Nonetheless, the future of senior housing does not seem to be an issue that will be prominent in the near future. Rotunno makes it clear that despite all the rumors, at this point, the only definite and immediate plans that have been made by the Residential Life office are the already announced renovations of Slocum Hall along with the new Outdoor Education Living Learning Community



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