Spurgeon Field at Memorial Park is the place to be this Friday, April 26 as current students, alumni, and supporters will gather to celebrate the life of Reuben Mitrani. The club baseball team is hosting the event to honor and remember their teammate. Mitrani, a former outfielder, was an integral member of the club baseball team.

“Reuben was a leader on the team from the first time he put on a jersey,” said Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory, alumnus and former club baseball team member. “He embodied what a true club athlete should be, which is having a passion for the sport while also being able to simply have fun and just play the game like it was meant to be played.”

Mitrani’s presence is greatly missed.

“Not having him around this year has taken a major toll on us on many levels,” said Jesse Paul, teammate and close friend.

Mitrani was an amazing athlete whose effect and presence on the team can never be replaced. Before their season commenced, the team honored and paid tribute to the memory of their former teammate.

“During our first game we left centerfield open during the first pitch for Reuben’s spirit,” said Paul.

The Cubs will be competing against alumni in a game that is sure to be entertaining and fun-filled.

“There are players flying in from around the country to take part in this game, even alumni who didn’t know Reuben personally, to showcase the type of community that club baseball is,” said Kazanjian-Amory.

Bringing students together from different years, ones who knew or played with Mitrani throughout his time at Colorado College, will make for a special experience for all involved.

The event begins at 6 p.m. and food will be served until 6:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome to arrive early to participate in a tailgate. There will be a shuttle service driving students to and from the game throughout the night. The bus will be departing and arriving at the south side of the Worner Center. Following the meal, a ceremony including the Mitrani family and groups Reuben was involved in, such as Hillel, will take place before the first pitch is thrown.

The club baseball team is thrilled with the opportunity to host such an important and meaningful event; the team has been working with the staff at Colorado College, students, and Reuben’s family since September. The idea for the game stemmed from an experience the Cubs had with the Denver University club baseball team during their spring 2011 season, when they played in a game dedicated to a DU teammate who had passed away. The game was very powerful and memorable for both teams involved.

The Colorado College club baseball team decided that it was a great way to honor the life of their beloved teammate.

“It is a great way to bring everyone together for an event that perfectly embodies who Reuben was,” said Henry Trueheart, former club baseball player.

“Reuben was like a brother to everyone on this team, so this game represents an opportunity to celebrate his life in a way that we know he would have loved,” added Kazanjian-Amory.

For more information regarding the event, visit the Facebook page dedicated to the festivities at https://www.facebook.com/events/472661766139571/.

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