For many film students at CC, the ultimate honor is having one’s film chosen to be in the Film Fest, put on by CC’s Film Union.

Each year during the second semester, Film Union invites student filmmakers to submit films for the 8th Block Film Fest. All students are welcome to submit films, whether from class or outside class, and this year the event received over 20 submissions for the 15 spots.

“We have 15 films and they’re all great,” said sophomore Laila Mahan, Film Union member. “We have a good mix of short fiction, documentaries, and shorts for intermission, a lot of different filmmaking techniques.”

The union received a record number of submissions for this year’s event and all were well made. “It was a difficult situation creating the lineup, but I think the lineup we have shows the variety and talent of CC filmmakers, and I’m very proud of that,” said junior Ben Grund, Film Union Co-President.

Every year, Film Union decides on a theme for the Film Fest, reflecting the Hollywood movies released that year. Last year’s theme was 2012: Zombie Apocalypse based on the Mayan projection that the world would end in 2012. This year, due to the influx of superhero movies, the group chose Heroes & Villains. In past years, attendees arrived in costume, and Film Union released promotional trailers based on the night’s theme.

“Everyone pulled together to make good promotional material, and have a lot of creative ideas around how to promote Film Fest this year,” Grund said. “If you look around at the interviews and promotional media, the statement I think this Film Fest is trying to make is to showcase filmmakers, and not just the films.”

CC’s Film Union is ready to impress with advertisements on a monitor outside Rastall showing filmmaker interviews and multiple trailers such as the James Bond spoof, “Spy Fail,” and another trailer spoofing The Dark Knight and The Avengers. Rumors of a red carpet, cheese platter, fruit, and other pleasantries continue to help build the excitement going into this Saturday night.

“In the past, Film Fest has always been a great time,” said senior Nick Geyer. “It’s always interesting to see the huge variety and style of films that get presented, especially from those students not in the film department. It should be a great night.”

“[Last year] it was really crowded, and everyone was really excited and cheering,” said senior Briana Hoy-Skubik, who plays Pussy Cat in the trailer.  “You could barely get a seat if you came late, and pretty much every film got a standing ovation.”

Film Fest is a venue to celebrate student filmmakers and the film department. With the Film and New Media major debuting this year, it should be a great night to showcase rising talent.

“We have the film screenings at the end of classes every block, but it’s a chance to culminate the year and see what everyone’s done,” said sophomore Chris Wood, Film Union VP of Production. “People spend so much time in the editing lab, and it’s our one chance to get mass recognition. This isn’t just recognizing one class; it’s the department as a whole.”

“I helped run Film Fest last year,” said junior Jake O’Hare, Film Union Co-President. “It’s so much stronger [this year], and I’m really impressed with how it came together. My main goal for this festival is to put CC film on the map.”

For many film-affiliated seniors, the process has been very emotional, and with the building of the film department and major, CC looks to continue to progress its film department.

“I’ve had a fantastic four years here; even though I’m a political science major, I’m a film studies minor and do film on the side as a passion,” said senior Ugyen Tshering, Film Union member.  “I find spiritual enlightenment in it, and there’s no simple way I could say thank you for a great four years.”

Come to Film Fest 2013 in Armstrong on Saturday, April 27 at 7:30 p.m. and support your friends as their films premiere on the big screen.

Thomas Crandall

Staff Writer

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