On Friday April 26, the Club Baseball team will sponsor a memorial baseball game, celebrating the life of teammate Reuben Mitrani. Colorado College junior Reuben Eli Mitrani, who passed away this past September, has left a deep imprint on the student body, and specifically, the baseball community.

In the words of dear friend Jerimiah Waters ‘12, Mitrani was “the model of what every CC student and college student alike strives to be: caring, kind, accepting, loving, and confident in himself and his beliefs.”

The Club Baseball team has created this event as a way for families, friends, teammates, and the Colorado College community to come together and celebrate the life of a remarkable young man while raising money for the REMember Foundation.

The REMember Foundation has a mission of supporting and enhancing young people in their efforts to become citizens of the world through adventure, education, and leadership. All proceeds collected during Friday night’s event will go to the Foundation.

The event started with a couple of friends hanging out and brainstorming ideas for an event that would serve as a purposeful remembrance of Mitrani, one that involved all the things he loved.

Committee member Waters noted, “After many chats and ideas being kicked around, we came up with the idea of an alumni/current team game. We knew we wanted it to be a celebration of his life, and I think the baseball game, coupled with between-inning events, as well as having the family there for some ceremonial type things, will be able to do that!”

The baseball game will feature a matchup between the current Club Baseball team and the Alumni. Current team member and one of the event organizers, Will Allenbach ‘13 said, “More than anything, the day is about having fun, being with teammates, and celebrating Reuben’s spirit. Also, the baseball itself will be really fun—we have good players coming back to play, including pitcher Russ Pagan and former coach Zach Gilula.”

Other notable events that will take place during the evening include a performance from one of the campus a capella groups, the retiring of Mitrani’s jersey, and t-shirt sales. Before the start of the game, the team will present gifts to Mitrani’s parents and a few people will have the chance to speak about Reuben’s impact on the team and around campus.

The Mitrani Family will be flying in from Pennsylvania for the event. Reuben’s younger brother, Adam, will throw the first pitch at 6:30 p.m., but the festivities will begin around 6:00 p.m. with a tailgate featuring Rudy’s barbeque, Jimmy Johns, and burgers.

The games will not be limited to baseball, but will also feature a t-shirt toss, homerun derby, and run the bases for anyone in attendance that wishes to participate.

In order to make the event possible, a number of people, including junior Jesse Aaron Paul, senior Sam Brody, Dan Marion ‘12, Jeremy Kazanjian-Amory ‘12, Waters ‘12, and senior Allenbach, collaborated with Mitrani’s mother, Donna Orbach, and various departments around campus.

Mitrani was involved with a number of groups on campus including Hillel, the Llamapalooza Committee, and intramurals.  With the help of Hillel, the Athletic Department, and the Club Baseball team, the planning committee was able to raise enough money to fund the event.

To Brody, this event will be particularly special because of the number of people that will be brought together, from family, to teammates, to friends. He noted, “This event means a tremendous amount to the club team and the community. It offers another way to remember Reuben, similar to the naming of Reuben’s Reuben at Wooglin’s Deli earlier this year. To have his family and friends all congregate around a game he loved, will be truly inspiring.”

Waters spoke with excitement about the upcoming event and noted, “This game is an opportunity to pay a small tribute to Reuben and the legacy he has left behind. He is gone from us for now, but he is never forgotten. His memory will live on through the lives of all of the people he has touched, and this game is a way to bring those people together to celebrate his life. This game provides an opportunity to bring all of those constituencies together at one event, one common celebration of what Reuben truly stood for: life!”

The address of the stadium is 1315 E. Pikes Peak Ave.; a five-minute drive from campus. Buses for students will be leaving from the Worner Center throughout the evening.

Marika Viragh

Guest Writer

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