1. Why were you interested in running for student body president?

During this unique time of change, planning, and initiative, I saw an opportunity to help make my school a better place. We have many decisions to make about our vision for the future, and I want to play a large role in making our school the best in the nation.

2. What was the hardest part of the campaign process?

Campaigns are actually very enjoyable for me. While it was time-consuming, I loved talking with students, faculty, and staff about what we can accomplish over the next year. The biggest challenge for me was competing against qualified candidates, all of whom are great friends of mine.


3. What changes would you like to see at CC next year?

I have many initiatives and ideas for next year: free laundry in every building, accountability of the student government, working more with OMIS groups, pushing for gender-neutral living, discussing need-blind admissions, making the student trustee a solely student-elected position, potentially starting eating-clubs on campus, and many others. But I need to hear more of the ideas from the student body. I would encourage everyone to contact me!


4. How will you serve as a mediator between students and the administration when it comes to controversial issues?

I have my own analyses and opinions of controversial issues, but it is my role to advocate for student interests at large. We have to meet the needs of both the administration and student body in these situations, and help facilitate mutually agreeable compromise.


5. What are you doing this summer?

I’m not sure yet! I want to work in politics again. Last summer I worked in the United States Senate. I loved working in the complexities of the American legislative process, but I am looking for a different experience this summer.


6. Who do you admire the most?

My father. He’s the perfect combination of genius, honesty, caring, and drive. If I’m anything like him when I’m older, I’ll consider myself lucky.


7. How would you describe the relationship between CC and Colorado Springs?

I’m optimistic. The more collaboration, conversation, and individual relationships that we develop, the better the overall relationship will be. Each of us needs to work to keep those relationships alive and well. Community doesn’t happen by chance.


8. What do you think of this year’s tuition raises?

This is an incredibly complex issue, and a sensitive one for many students. This institution needs to do everything it can to remain elite and competitive. With that said, we need to increase financial aid as much as possible to help students cope with the rising costs of college. We also need to make sure that the best students can enjoy this great place regardless of financial need.


9. Do you think Jill has had a successful Year of Planning?

Absolutely. She’s a remarkable leader, and we are lucky to have her. I’m encouraged by the successful outreach programs to include students in the process. However, I do hope that next year we can have a few more students on the committees.


10. What is your favorite television show?

The West Wing!

Brooks Fleet

Staff Writer

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