The sun is shining, the ground is thawing, and it is officially springtime at the CC Farm. While it may seem that the farm has been dormant for the past few months, many exciting things have been happening behind the scenes that will contribute greatly to its growth this spring. By the beginning of the summer we are hoping to have our very own greenhouse, so that next year, we can enjoy fresh veggies all winter long.

The latest news, however, is that there is plenty of fun work to do. Starting this week, we will have workdays to plant seedlings, clean up the farm, and prepare for summer. Keep your eyes peeled for workday dates and times on the farm listserv, Facebook page, and fliers around campus.

The first Friday of Block 8 we will be having our annual Pig Roast, in conjunction with a jamboree festival featuring The Logjammers on Yampa; keep your eyes peeled for at least one more Farm Pizza Darty before year’s end.

As the summer approaches, so does the excitement of new interns transitioning to the farm. Many people have mentioned how they love to see the growth and beauty of the farm at the beginning of the school year from the hard work that the interns did over the summer. We are all pleased to announce that the 2013 farm interns are Sarah Stockdale, Silas Scheer, and Whit Walker; they are a great team with some exciting goals and ideas for the summer.

After spending the past two summers working nearby at Venetucci Farm, Stockdale is excited to continue and expand her farming knowledge at the CC Farm. Her favorite vegetable is kale and she’s most looking forward to heckling people who run by the farm on the Monument Creek Trail, while learning how to make better compost.

Silas Scheer, a true Californian and avocado connoisseur, is excited to put his Permaculture expertise to good use while learning how to better conserve water for irrigation down at the farm.

While many may recognize Whit Walker from passing out clean plate club stickers in Rastall, many don’t realize his other passion for gardening. He loves fresh roasted chilis from the farmers market, and he’s most looking forward to seeing how the CC Farm helps to build community both on campus and in Colorado Springs.

Stockdale, Scheer, and Walker will not only make a great team, but they will need your help! Many students, campus wide, have expressed interest in helping out on the farm, and help is always welcome. The CC Farm is for everyone, and we would love all of your help at our workdays and events this spring to dig in the dirt and have some fun in the sunshine. If you will be around this summer, don’t hesitate to take a break from your day and head down to the farm to join in on the work as well. And lastly, if there are any projects or ideas that you have the farm, go for it! We all hope to see you all down there, and get excited for a new season of sunshine, overalls, fresh and delicious produce, and some of the best tomatoes that you will ever have!

Mel Yemma

Staff Writer

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