So what’s your actual last name; Gold, Glantz, Safariana, or Zed?

“No comment. Obviously, Safariana.”

How was moderating the debate?

“Super fun. It was really interesting to hear each candidate’s position and responses to the questions posed. It was also great to see such a turnout, especially from Councilpeople Snider and Williams.”

How many boxes of matzah did you eat over Passover?

“Probably only one. I led a very gluten-free life over Passover, besides beer.”

Why didn’t you get gluten-free beer?

“It’s expensive and usually doesn’t come out of a keg, so I had to break my covenant with Yahweh for my roommate’s birthday. Sorry.”

Do you love working at the Worner Desk?

“OBVI. Everyone who works at the Worner Desk is a tight family. Lynnette and Diane are like my moms away from home, and it’s nice to get first dibs at tickets. I also love to control the music in Worner, seeing people groove to my jams is the greatest.”

What do you think about the competition for most #CCTOPTWEETS between @djarisafari and @brooksbooks45?

“There may be some bias towards Catalyst writers being quoted in their own publication. Plus, who is this brooksbooks kid. Two first names? Idiot.”

Editor’s note: There is no bias towards Catalyst writers being quoted in their own publication.

What are you doing after graduation?

“I got a job with Teach for America in Memphis, Tenn. I will be teaching high school history or economics. I am pumped to have a job in general, but also to be living in a new part of the country, and to hopefully help close the achievement gap.”

Do you own any blue suede shoes?

“I did! They were in my friend’s apartment, and they were doing some spring cleaning, thought they were some biddys, and threw them out. Cough cough, Paul, Hunter, Brendan, and Elliot.”

What’s your favorite CC memory?

“There are so many that it’s hard to choose, especially compared to this interview with you, Brooks. But I do really love CC traditions, like senior champagne on the quad on the final Wednesday – I always cry at that. But my favorite memory is from sophomore year Llamapalooza, going down to ring the bell at Stewart Field at sunrise Sunday morning [was a] perfect ending to Llama and that year. I apologize to the juniors in the apartments for when I do that again this year.”

What is your spirit animal?

“I think it’s an elephant, ‘cause I never forget and have funky looking feet. I also love to bathe with others. And my spirit fruit is an avocado; I am more savory than sweet, and creamy delicious.”

Brooks Fleet

Staff Writer

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