For no other reason than pure love for soccer, former Tiger Tiffany Brown pursued a career at the professional level.  Brown’s strong sense of self has allowed her to balance her options and chose a path that best suits her life.  This awareness shaped Brown throughout her tremendous career at Colorado College.

Brown’s career at Colorado College was full of many moments, games, and seasons that are worthy of recognition. During her tenure, she received a number of conference, regional, and national accolades, most notably First Team All-Conference USA during her junior and senior seasons.

Other notable achievements and memories include a number of victories against teams ranked in the top 25, scoring game-winning goals, and climbing the program’s all-time goal-scoring chart to fourth place since the program’s inception in 1984.

“My career at Colorado College was great. One of my proudest moments was scoring the game-winning goal against the University of Central Florida,” Brown said. “I played really well that game. I was in that state where I wasn’t thinking, just doing.”

As Brown described her current career at the semi-professional and professional levels, she acknowledged that she flourishes in the moments of “flow.”

At the end of her senior season, Brown decided that she was not ready to be done with soccer.

“I knew I wanted take my career to a new level. Part of this was curiosity and part of it was not being willing to let my career end with a [disappointing] season,” she said. “I felt like I was doing myself a disservice by not exploring my options.”

During the winter months of her senior year, Brown put in innumerable hours training on her own as well as with the team. It was during this time that she was invited to try out with the Boston Breakers, a team in the women’s professional soccer league (National Women’s Soccer League).

The tryout proved to be successful, and Brown was asked to attend the Breakers’ preseason camp. During the preseason camp, Brown made significant gains and was asked to join their semi-professional feeder team with the possibility of training and playing with the professional team.

Brown had the intention of returning to Boston after graduation and accepting the offer made by the Breakers until she received a call from her hometown semi-professional team, D.C. United, with an offer to join the squad in Washington D.C.

She decided to take the offer from the hometown club.

“If I accepted the offer in Boston, I would move there with soccer being the biggest thing in my life. Being home in D.C. allowed soccer to be an additive.”

The day after her 2011 graduation, Brown returned home to start her first season with the team.  And that season proved to be a success, as the team finished third in their conference.

Brown had a very impressive showing during her preseason and tryout period.

“My coach called and asked me to try out for the 2012 season and that week of tryouts I was not thinking, but simply doing. I had nothing to lose,” she said.

The 2012 season included a roster of international and Olympic-level players, as well as a conference title and a trip to nationals.

This winter she was invited to try out with a professional team, the Washington Spirit. After a successful tryout period, Brown was invited to the mid-March preseason, but has started to feel the pressures of having such an intense time commitment.

“I don’t necessarily have the flexibility [at this point] to commit to the professional season,” Brown said.  “I have a full-time job in D.C., and I’m not sure leaving the semi-professional level will prove beneficial to me. I will have some decisions to make after the upcoming preseason period.”

Brown’s recent semi-professional and professional experience has given her great insight into her lifelong career.

“Training in this environment here in D.C. has both forced me to work harder but also made me realize that I am here because I love soccer,” she said. “I am here for myself. Players can hate or love their experience with the game, but I am here because I love the game and love playing.”

Looking forward, Brown knows that she wants to continue playing at a high level and remain involved with the sport to some extent. Whether that requires her to play in a men’s league at midnight during the winter months or early-morning practices in the summer, Brown is committed to evolving as a player and enjoying the game she loves.

Marika Viragh

Staff Writer


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