For many CC students, Saturday and Sunday mornings hinge on getting a good brunch.

After slowly opening your eyes at the crack of noon and attempting to make movements out of bed, you realize that eggs and pancakes are going to be essential to starting the day. You will send out a few text messages, checking which friends are awake, and begin the process of choosing where you will go to brunch. Thinking back on your questionable decisions from the night before, you realize that you cannot face the classic CC choices of Rastall or Smiley’s.

Brunch at Over Easy. Photo by Esther Chan
Brunch is truly the best part of the weekend. Photo by Esther Chan

The process of choosing another place to eat should not be taken lightly; this decision could very well be the most important one you make all day.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to have a friend with a car, then you will need to narrow your focus to the downtown area. Thankfully, two of the easiest and cheapest options, Bruegger’s and Einstein’s Bagels, are both conveniently located on Tejon.

Most bagel fans are split between which location they prefer, so there is no clear winner in this contest. “I would say Einstein’s just does everything better,” said junior Rebecca Lehman. Others are firmly in camp Bruegger’s, like junior Sarah Freeman, who raved, “their Leonardo da Veggie is literally unbeatable.”

Worried about having to choose which establishment will nurse your hangover? Junior Betsy Stratton has a solution for those of us who are decision averse. “Sometimes, one bagel is just not enough. I’ll stop in Bruegger’s and grab myself a toasted sesame bagel with garden veggie cream cheese, then walk down Tejon to Einstein’s and get the everything bagel with butter. But that’s only if you’re feeling ambitious.”

Another downtown choice, ideal for students over twenty-one, is Jose Muldoon’s, located at 222 N Tejon. Their “margarita brunch” is served on Sundays until 2 p.m.. All you really need to know is that the popular dinner restaurant offers a complementary margarita, mimosa, or sangria with their brunch options. The eggs, cheese and salsa found in many of the Mexican dishes are a surefire way to satiate even the most ravenous of appetites.

“My Sunday mornings are instantly better when I can get huevos rancheros and a mimosa,” said junior Emma Volk. When it finally warms up this spring, make sure to get a table in the sun out back where they have outdoor seating.

For those students with dietary restrictions, Paris Crepe Euro Café, located at 218 N. Tejon, is always an ideal choice. They offer a wide array of crepe options, from traditional dessert to breakfast varieties, and the crepe itself can always be gluten free.

“I love when people offer a gluten-free option at all! So I think it’s pretty awesome, especially the dessert ones,” said senior Sarah Hart. If you have a sweet tooth, the Caribbean crepe with chocolate, coconut and whipped cream is perfect to fulfill a sugar craving.

“I like to go there because it’s pretty inexpensive, convenient, and the staff is extremely accommodating to requests,” Volk said.

If you decide that you really cannot handle seeing anyone that you know and want to get further from school, both Monica’s Taco Shop (30 E. Fillmore St.) and Peak Grill (4423 Centennial Blvd.) are excellent choices.

Monica’s appeal lies in the fact that it’s a drive-thru and the breakfast burritos are inexpensive. “It is literally three dollars for a huge burrito and it’s delicious,” said senior Annabel Starratt.

At Peak Grill, the median age is around seventy and the wallpaper may have been inspired by a nursing home, but what the restaurant lacks in atmosphere, it makes up for in great breakfast specials and an extensive menu. The pancake breakfast includes two eggs, potatoes and your choice of two slices of bacon or sausage for $7.69.  Even better, your pancakes can be customized with over 15 toppings, from zucchini to peanut butter chips.

“Peak Grill is great if you love pancakes because you can add as many extras to them as you’d like. My favorite combination is chocolate chips and bananas,” said senior Annie Ireland.

So, next weekend when your late-night escapades mean you cannot be seen by a large group of your fellow students, try out any of these great options.

Shealagh Coughlin

Guest Writer


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