We sent Brooks Fleet, our 10 Questions reporter, out into the community to get a voice on the gun issue.


Traveling to an area near the Citadel Mall, Fleet found Forrest Tierson, an Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and an avid gun enthusiastic with strong opinions.


Tierson didn’t disappoint.


Here is a collection of his quotes and an interesting take on the gun debate now encircling the country.




“We have a more stringent [gun] system here in Colorado than the federal system does”


“I bought my first AR-15 in 1974, and I haven’t been driven to go out and shoot anybody down with it yet, so it has to do with the mindset of people and so forth. These guns have been bought by millions of people. A quarter of a million of them were bought last year alone.”


“[Pres. Obama is] basically consolidating power and seizing control of the government. He’s put his own people in positions of power, and on top of that, he’s now trying to make sure there is no way that citizens can actually react to that. When only the police have guns it’s called a police state. That’s my take on it. I’m more paranoid than some, perhaps.”


“Automatic weapons are legal in the United States. They require a lot of federal paperwork and you have to apply for special permits that cost $200. On top of that it’s a very small pool so most of those things are in the $10,000 to 15,00 range. Not many of those are misused, and as a matter of fact if you look at legally owned full automatic weapons in this country, and there are probably a million all together, there has never been one misused in a crime”


“People that buy [guns] are paying a lot of money for them, and most of them would be pretty unhappy if someone tried to take [the guns] away and gave them nothing for them.”


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