Matt Fechter has always been an athlete.

His mother, Cynthia Fechter, said that he began playing roller hockey at a nearby park at the age of three. There were always soccer games in their front yard or basketball games in their driveway. He loved snowboarding and skateboarding, and also played tennis and a bit of lacrosse. Even when he was the lacrosse goalie, Fechter would run the length of the field and score.

Matthew Fechter beats a defender to the ball. Photo courtesy of Daniel Wright
Matthew Fechter beats a defender to the ball. Photo courtesy of Daniel Wright

Lucky for Colorado College, Fechter followed in his older brother’s footsteps and stuck with his love for soccer. Fechter’s passion for soccer and the joy of competition has carried him far in his past four years.

For the second year in a row, the CC soccer forward has stood out among thousands of Division III men’s soccer players, and has once again earned the prestigious All-American award.

“The honor was gratifying and definitely put a smile on my face,” Fechter said. “It means the world to conclude my CC soccer career in this fashion. The team and I completed the goals we set to accomplish in the beginning of the season. We went undefeated at home, made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time in eight years, and put together a complete season.”

Men’s soccer head coach Horst Richardson said that Fechter has always been a force for the CC men’s soccer team. Horst is friends with Fechter’s high school coach at The Pingry School in Short Hill, N.J., and has known about Fechter’s skills and soccer talents for a long time.

“A recruit of his caliber has options,” Richardson said.

Richardson valued Fechtor’s power in front of the net. He highlighted the fact that Fechter has an uncanny ability to deceive defenders and is a great performer on the field. Richardson’s trick to convince him to play for CC was to have him come and visit with other CC players.

And it worked.

Fechter called his mother on his way home from his visit to tell her he would be going to CC.

“He’s a heck of an all-around athlete, and just a terrific competitor,” Richardson said. “His willingness to play with his teammates and set them up with assists is admirable.”

Richardson said that opposing teams knew that they had to cover Fechter, but he always managed to find open players.

His mother said that he has always loved helping his teammates.

“Ever since Matt was a little boy, he always had a generous, kind heart, and he has always been very proud of his assists more so than his goals as a player,” she said. “With all of his success at CC, he is just as satisfied that he has helped his fellow players to achieve success and recognition.”

She and her husband have loved watching their son grow as a person and a player through soccer.

“Our favorite part [of his CC experience] was watching Matt play with such passion and creativity, surrounded and supported by teammates and coaches who he loved in such a beautiful setting,” she said.

When Fechter isn’t playing soccer, he said that he loves being creative, especially with art and food.

His mother raved that he can make the best blueberry and apple pies from scratch, and that he has a unique talent sculpting miniature clay figures.

Even with his many interests, Fechter made it clear that he isn’t ready to leave his soccer career on Stewart Field.

“I’m currently figuring out my plans to continue my career,” he said. “I believe that I do want to pursue soccer at the next level but I’m still trying to figure out the correct path to take.”

After graduation, Fechter hopes that his teammates will continue to perform at the standard that this year’s team set, and that they will remember to enjoy playing the game.

Seniors usually forgo participating in the unofficial spring season, but Richardson has hopes that Fechter will break that Richardson said that Fechter grew as a captain and leader this year, and wants to see him continue to share his skills.

“I hope we don’t really lose him,” Richardson said. “I’ve grown quite fond of him.”

The team is graduating eight seniors in May, and Richardson said it leave be a big hole to fill.

“[Matt] graduating is a severe loss to us,” Richardson said. “But his legacy will live on. He has raised the bar.”

Fechter is the first back-to-back All-American Richardson has worked with in his 48 years as a men’s soccer coach. He lamented, “Guys like Matty don’t show up every year.”

Ellie Cole

Staff Writer

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