Several years ago, the athletic department underwent changes that impacted three sports: football, softball, and women’s water polo. These sports would no longer compete at the Varsity level, and these athletes had to decide how to handle the changes.

Women’s water polo organized a club team, and they continue to put all of their energy and love of their sport into play.
“The team consists of individuals who have varying interests and play water polo at different skill levels, but all come together to enjoy the sport,” said junior Abigail Sawyer. “We have a great group of players, and some new faces this year who have been really great and enthusiastic about the team.”

Sawyer has been playing since high school, and loves the team here.

Senior Elizabeth Weirich has been playing water polo for eight years, and she said the team is a mix of both men and women who love the sport. There is a mixture of levels and everyone enjoys helping each other grow as players. There is no true coach for the team, so the players rely on the help of their teammates, which creates a very strong team atmosphere.

“No outside coaches have ever been brought into the group,” Weirich said. “The team focuses on working with each other and teaching each other skills and plays, making us a strong team in the pool.”

This means the players take the initiative to play and help each other along the way, embracing the full meaning of a team.

According to Sawyer, during blocks two through five, the team practices on Sundays for a couple hours unless there is an upcoming tournament. In season, during blocks six and seven, they practice three to four times a week.

For competition, there are three official tournaments in the spring season and then unofficial coed tournaments and scrimmages during the year, Weirich said. The team placed second in an unofficial tournament at CC recently.

“That tournament showed a lot of promise for our team, especially our boys (whose first official season should be next year),” Weirich said.

The team is full of hardworking individuals—as anyone who has played intramural inner tube water polo knows, this is no easy sport—but Sawyer said they don’t get a lot of recognition from the rest of the school because they are an obscure club team. She said it is a great spectator sport, though, and encouraged students to come watch.
“We love the support we get when people come to our games and recognize all the hard work we put in!” she said.
“The CC community should know that we’re a super fun team with a range of talent,” said Weirich. “If you’re interested in playing, stop by the pool Sundays from 3 to 5!”

Ellie Cole

Staff Writer

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