If you’ve driven anywhere in the Springs you’ve no doubt noticed the city’s overwhelming amount of cinder block dive bars, usually surrounded by discount liquor stores and bail bondsmen shops. All of these locations generally provide the same basic entertainment: cheap greasy food, drinks under $5, and your standard denim-doting, mullet-wearing regulars.

Normally, one might be ambivalent to choosing between Colorado’s finest. But we’re CC students, and we’re on a unique intellectual adventure so thus, we’d like to think we know better.

Look no further than our new favorite spot. Benny’s is just one block west of I-25, off Colorado Avenue. A hidden treasure filled with vintage black-and-white photographs, this expansive bar boasts two pool tables, darts, a foosball table, a shuffleboard court, frequent live music and a spacious twinkle-lit back patio.

Not only does the environment satisfy (how could it not?), but the menu consists of quality AND quantity of items. Instead of begging for a swipe to gorge on standard cafeteria food and sneaking some Skol into your ras-tail, enjoy a $3 beer or well drink and munch on what senior Ashley Speyer claims are “the best french fries in Colorado Springs.” No kidding?

All drinks are under $6, all food is under $9, and happy hour cuts all drinks to $2 five nights a week. It gets better. Monday is “happy day” at Benny’s with a full 24 hours of discount drinks.

We highly recommend venturing away from your humble Mathias abode and warm Coors Light to pull up a seat for an equally-priced, much more noise-friendly, socially encouraging location. If you’re lucky (and responsible enough to have finished your homework), Wednesdays are Benny’s weekly karaoke night – a surefire way to start your Classy celebrations.

Now the next bar we’d like to introduce is much more of a restaurant, cocktail location than local dive, but nonetheless a classic CC pit stop.

You’ve probably heard whisperings about South Cascade’s Shuga’s if you’ve been in the Springs for a few months, but just in case you haven’t, we’ll give you our take on the popular place.

This slightly hipster, sparkling establishment provides a casual atmosphere with a creative menu and delicious drinks. While you can indulge in a number of elaborate aperitifs such as a Lavender Lemonade or a Pink Shuga Cosmo for approximately $7, management clearly understands the college student’s dilemma by offering $2 wells and PBR along with $4 glasses of wine.

With a tapas menu that extends past the usual sandwich/pizza fare, one can choose items such as Spicy Brazilian Coconut Shrimp soup, a soup that made this place famous, said the dapper, chambray-shirt-and-skinny-tie-wearing waiter. Or if that doesn’t entice, try out the Aracelli Nicoise salad or chipotle-flavored Brick Chicken sandwich, all for under $9.

You certainly can’t get that at the Preserve. So ladies and gentleman, whether you’re looking to hydrate before your next broomball game or pay back that new freshman of yours for that one (or five) swipes, we’ve provided you with some stellar, surefire spots. As always, be safe and do us proud.

Amelia Dotzenrod and Catie Birmingham

Guest Writers

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