With last weekend’s calamity at the quarterback position throughout the NFL, there will be three backups suiting up as starters. Now, a handful of quarterback sidekicks are going to be in the limelight. In a sense, a series of Robins are filling in for the Batmen of their respective franchises. So let’s take a look.

Batman: Ben Roethlisberger (out with broken ribs)

Robin: Byron Leftwich

This week’s nemesis: Bane, I mean, The Baltimore Ravens

Pittsburgh backup quarterbacks have gone 8-5 since 2005, according to ESPN. The Raven’s have been the “Bane” of the backups existence. Leftwich has never proven himself as anything but a backup. He started briefly in Jacksonville but showed little success. Now, he is looking to lead the Steelers to a tough win against the Baltimore Ravens. The win would be his first in six years. Leftwich is a similar player to Big Ben. He’s big, but not particularly mobile. His accuracy, range, and decision-making are all a step down from Big Ben (except for when Roethilisberger is on a motorcycle or in a nightclub). My prediction, though, is that he won’t get the win. Pittsburgh was ailing with Big Ben, and

Batman: Michael Vick (out with broken dignity)

RobinL Nick Foles

This week’s nemesis: Two Face, I mean, the Washington Redskins.

While the Redskins defense is an admirable eighthin the league in rushing defense, they’re getting burned in the passing game at 30. One side of the defense is presentable; the other is ugly and, as mentioned, burned. It’s like the team has two faces. Foles provides a complete change of mindset at the quarterback position. While Vick was becoming more and more of a pocket passer, he was also taking tons of risks. The Eagles are likely starting Foles knowing the must have a more conservative approach on offense, as a trade for fewer turnovers and getting Vick’s hand off the ball. This week, pass defense will provide Foles with an opportunity to ease himself into the hot water in Philadelphia. Expect an average game for Foles, but a loss to a slightly more seasoned rookie in Robert Griffing the Third.

Batman: Jay Cutler (likely out with concussion)

Robin: Jason Campbell

This week’s nemesis: Mr. Freeze, I mean, the San Francisco 49ers.

The 49ers have frozen offending offenses in place, holding their opponents in place, particularly in the red-zone. They have allowed the third least yards in the NFL and have allowed the least amount of points. Jason Campbell, who like Leftwich has never stuck as a starter, is in for a bit of a mussing. It looks like he’ll get to know Aldon Smith really well this week. Oh, and Smith’s friend: the turf. He is a game manager that can toss it up to Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffrey. In a way, he sounds better than a Jay Cutler who is regressing this season by turning over the ball so often..

Let’s see it, Robin! Your chance to shine.

Henry McKenna

Sports Editor

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