Ever wonder what in the world the hodgepodge of people running south down Cascade Ave. past Worner every Tuesday evening are doing? On Tuesdays between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m., individuals from all over Colorado Springs participate in Jack Quinn’s 5K run, which winds all over downtown before finishing at Jack Quinn’s Pub and Restaurant for some post-race socializing.

Jack Quinn’s Running Club, which is sponsored by its namesake restaurant located at 21 S. Tejon St., began in June 2006 when its first 5K run brought roughly 70 people together to enjoy some evening exercise and discounted beer, courtesy of the pub. Since then, the club has held 338 runs and reached a record attendance of 1783 participants.

The reason for the significant popularity of these weekly runs lies in the open nature of Jack Quinn’s Running Club. Unlike other running clubs, which typically appeal to more intense athletes, Jack Quinn’s welcomes a diverse range of individuals.  Kids, adults, marathoners, and walkers alike can all find not only a healthy form of exercise, but also a way to meet people from the city in a laid-back atmosphere.

On Jack Quinn’s website, the club explains that by meeting at a pub, “it provides a social environment that is more inviting, less intimidating, and more social for our runners.” Additionally, the runs are completely free, and after completing ten runs, runners receive the coveted Jack Quinn’s Running Club shirt.

Not only do these runs bring people together from throughout the city, but they also offer CC students a way in which they can engage with the off-campus community. Senior Lizzie Newcombe has completed 50 Jack Quinn’s runs during her time at CC.

“I think it’s a nice way of mixing with the Colorado Springs running community, which is awesome. The people at Jack Quinn’s are aware that a lot of CC students participate, and I think they’re happy about it,” Newcombe said.

Another CC senior, Kalen Acquisto, remembers her sophomore year when she anxiously asked her crush to run Jack Quinn’s as a first date. “The run and panting conversation sealed the deal! I recommend [the 5K] to anyone and everyone if you’re looking for love,” Acquisto said.

Whether you’re a trained athlete looking to try a new running route or someone who’s interested in taking a leisurely stroll at the end of a long Tuesday, running Jack Quinn’s provides a social atmosphere that encourages a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages and backgrounds.

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