Attention everyone! I’ve just been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you to stop what you’re doing and listen. Ski season is here! It’s storming in the mountains and resorts are opening. How stoked are you to get out there? Do you spend money you should be saving on gear and toys?  Do you stare blankly at the whiteboard during class, dreaming of deep powder and gnarly lines? Are you already planning how you’re going to crush your friends in gnar points this season? Don’t worry, we’re with you. The F.U.C.C. (Freerider’s Union of Colorado College) is our school’s premier organization of shredders, and our job is to get you on the mountain. We are your humble stewards of steeze, your Summit County sherpas, and we want you to come skiing with us!

We know what you’re asking. “Aren’t you all just a bunch of stupid party animals who want to drink heavily and wreak havoc upon every reputable mountain community you come across?” To which we must respond with complete and total honesty: hell yes. However, in addition to our somewhat infamous idiocy, we work hard for the sake of the student body. Every fall, F.U.C.C. organizes multiple ski movie premiers to get folks stoked on the upcoming season. Plus, our tank tops and sunglasses make you feel steezier than Reed Snyderman throwing a cork nine in the park.

Then there are the F.U.C.C. events. The Rail Jam will take place during the second week of fourth block on Dec. 7 down on the hill by the Preserve. It’s a prestigious rail and box contest in which all steeze-mongrels and park rats can shine like the stars they truly are. Perhaps F.U.C.C.’s most famous event, Winterfest, will take place in Crested Butte during the second weekend of seventh block. F.U.C.C. President Danny Hovancsek said, “Winterfest is time of celebration! A celebration of life, snow, Colorado and being young and reckless.”

The club rents out an entire condominium complex at the base of the mountain and, for two days, CC students frolic about in ridiculous costumes, frightening some locals and amusing the rest. Then, at the end of the season, we host Burgers on the Beach, a phenomenal day of spring skiing and BBQ goodness at Arapahoe Basin.

We know that at this point you’re thinking, “Wow, these dedicated individuals have gone above and beyond their call of duty for the shredding community. What more could we possibly ask of them?” Stop it; we’re flattered. But if you must know, F.U.C.C. runs a bus to a summit county resort for the meager and tentative price of $5 every weekend.  Skiers and boarders without a means of transportation, we do this for you. No longer will the excuse “I don’t have a ride, man, I can’t go this time” fly. Get up, get on the bus and get on the hill!

If you’re not on our mailing list, get on it. Just shoot Danny or myself an email and we’ll gladly keep you updated on upcoming shred days, pass information and other ski-related shenanigans going on at school.

“We are basically a community of like-minded students that enjoy the snow and bring people together,” Hovancsek said. “Be it a cold beer or a cold powder day, we would love to enjoy it with you.”

Davis Shamburger

Guest Writer

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