Amelia and I were brought together over a lukewarm Coors Light keg sometime during the later part of first block of sophomore year. Of course, this can be said of many friendships at CC, and while we have certainly found other mutual passions in the last three years from backcountry skiing, to LFO karaoke, or Maggie McClesky, there is something about sharing a drink together that ceases to provide endless laughter and conversation. Our taste in drinks has similarly expanded from our initial months at camp college, but we’ve found that the size of our wallets has failed to follow our taste buds.

It is in this vein that we have begun a quest for the great bars, dives, pubs, and taverns of Colorado Springs. Let there be no confusion: NOTHING compares to the experience of enjoying yourself at any one of the dimly lit, Macklemore-blasting party houses of Weber Street. We have simply come to understand that “breaking the CC bubble” is a necessity, and that exploring the area is actually really fun, if not amusing.

Admittedly, our investigation is also an excuse to concede to the allure of many window-less, Budweiser-poster-bearing pool halls that have been calling to us since we arrived at school. Amelia and I will provide information on happy hours, ambiance, special deals, and the alcohol itself at each location. With brewery experience, wine and beer tasting classes under our belts, as well as an affinity for fun, each article will review watering holes around Colorado College.

From the beer drinker’s paradise of Brewers Republic to the bargain hunter’s eden at Murphy’s, there will be no can left unopened or glass left full. It’s our last year, and we hope you’ll consider our “last call” on each bar we visit.


Catie Birmingham

Amelia Dotzenrod

Guest Writers

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