CCSGA President Nathan Lee talks about Colorado Springs, his plans for students, condoms in large dorms, and his favorite party house…

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Why were you interested in running for student body president?

Initially, my first thought was just about how much CC has given me and how influential it has been in my life and what I had done to give back. I came to the conclusion that I hadn’t done enough and I wanted to be more involved with the decision-making, influencing policy, and just getting to meet some of the great people who work here.

What changes would you like to see at CC this year? 

There are two big issues, and they’re not the only issues. Mental health is a big one and sexual violence is another things that I’m very passionate about, and just cultivating more of a culture of wellness at Colorado College. I think the creation of Heather Horton’s new position is helpful, but having it come from students and be student-driven and having it be the first thing that people hear about once they get back on campus is critical. We need to really kind of shock the freshmen into realizing that there are things for us to work on here and they can be are part of that.

How much are you willing to rock the boat on issues that students care about and the administration doesn’t want to budge on?

I think it’s very situational, obviously. As long as people have an understanding of what the things they are saying really mean, and who are all the different interest groups, I’m very supportive of so-called “rocking the boat” or bringing up tough issues and having difficult conversations with people who might not want to hear these things. But no, I’m not afraid if that’s the question.

What is your favorite party house?

Traditionally it was the Twomp, as it was my freshman and sophomore year. I think this year 724 Nevada is going to be where it’s at.

Is it an issue that students aren’t involved in local issues such as local elections?

Yeah, it’s obviously an issue. I don’t know if it’s a value judgment about how involved people are or aren’t, but I definitely think we could do more and really be members of the community rather than just being a little pocket of what we are here, not really thinking about the surrounding community.

Like a bubble? A Lot of people use that word to describe CC.

I didn’t use it for that reason.

Do you think that they will ever put better condoms in the large dorms?

Who doesn’t like the condoms? Well, I think if that’s a legitimate student concern then we can probably accomplish a change there.

Do you think the position of student trustee and the president’s council are actually going to include more student say in administrative decisions?

I think it already has. If nothing else, it’s changed the way the administration views students, even if it’s a small way. I think that even recognizing that the need for these positions exists is something that is an accomplishment and very laudable. In the future I can’t predict how much impact they will have, but I would say at this point they have already made at least a small impact.

Who will you endorse as president of the United States this election year? 

Not Mitt Romney.

How would you describe the relationship between CC and Colorado Springs?

Room for improvement are three words I would use to describe that. I think the city gets ripped on a lot by the student body, and the term “townie” is a very derogatory term around here, carrying certain negative connotations. But there are a lot of good things in this community.

Brooks Fleet

Guest Writer

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